Hi! My name is…

1 Oct
Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Agent 21. I have been recruited by SpyOnVegas.com to complete daily missions that both entertain you and inform you about what is happening in Sin City. I am here to guide you on where to go and what to do. You will get to know me as I share my experiences (don’t judge me) and my opinions (I have a tendency to be brutally honest). I have access to my email basically 24/7, which allows me to answer all of your questions regarding anything… within reason. Consider me a friend, but I understand in this city, the term “friend,” is hard to come by. We can start off slowly while I earn your trust. I have lived in Vegas for the last five years bartending at some of the hottest clubs, lounges and pools. I go out a few times a week (sometimes more) be it for a party at the biggest nightclub or wearing my sweats to a local bar. With the city in constant change, I make sure to check out all the new places and say good-bye to all my old favs.  
I am arriving right in time because convention season is upon us and the holiday parties are right around the corner! Speaking of conventions, I attended the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth at Mandalay Bay this past weekend. I almost got inked after seeing all the amazing work, but I knew the dress I am wearing for Vegas Prom at Tao Beach tomorrow is pretty revealing. Not to mention, the responsibility of keeping fresh ink clean could go out the window if I happen to drink too much vodka and end up in pool. Chlorine is not good for fresh ink or my $200 dress for that matter. The after-party is at Lavo, which it’s also their industry night. I might have to sneak out and head over to Blush to see Lil’ Jon “takeover” the DJ booth.  Unfortunately, I am going to miss the free champagne they offer to the ladies. My date got us a nice room at the Bellagio (my favorite casino) for the night to prevent any drinking and driving, but I’m sure he has other intentions as well. I mean it is “prom” night. We all know what there is to look forward too. If you don’t know what I am talking about it, I’ll let you use your imagination.

One Response to “Hi! My name is…”

  1. Robert Kash Jr October 11, 2010 at 7:27 pm #

    Hey Agent 21!

    It's cool to find out that there is a 'voice' behind Spy on Vegas! Not only are you on one of the most popular social media networks (Facebook), but you have your own Blog. Nice. It was cool receiving a message from you Agent 21! And it's even better to know what's going on with Spy On Vegas now.

    BTW, you write fantastic. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to keep reading your posts!

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