Skates, Swords, and Singing… Oh My!

6 Oct
Can you believe the weekend is already here? For most locals the weekend means time to go back to work because our “weekend” just ended. I was thinking about taking some time off from drinking since my liver has been through the ringer this week.  I went to The Bank on Sunday for their “pool closings party” and someone stepped on my phone leaving me without a phone for a full 24 hours… not cool. What did I do before the cell phone existed? Yes, I am old enough to have lived in that time. On top of that I “surrendered” myself this past Wednesday at Surrender Nightclub. Their open bar entices me to start my night off early, which in turn only makes my night longer. An hour on the treadmill and a couple of Advil cured me the next day.  Did you know that exercising will help your hangover?  It may seem impossible but sweating out all that alcohol will get you moving throughout the day. However, it is hard to keep a social girl down.  This weekend is filled with different “Vegas” things to do along with the standard so you better believe I will be hopping around this awesome city. 
The Down and Derby Roller Disco is back this Friday premiering at the Joint at the Hard Rock.  It’s been forever since I have roller skated so I might have to ease into it by dancing on some tables first.  If you want to check it out make sure you RSVP at because it will save you $10 that you can put towards some hot pink spandex and sweatbands.  As if a little disco isn’t kicking back to the oldies enough, I have to make sure to stop by the Age of Chivalry Festival going down at Sunset Park.  I got my free ticket for Friday from and need to take full advantage of the medieval times.   I’m even going to go out of my food comfort zone and try some Shepherd’s pie.
I’ll be back to the present on Sunday with my normal culinary and alcoholic delights when I check out Travie McCoy at High Society. Don’t forget it is October (I have to remind myself constantly what month we are in) and Halloween is right around corner.  Check out to see all the upcoming Halloween bashes and watch for my next blog, “Vegas Tip #2: Costumes and Cash.”

2 Responses to “Skates, Swords, and Singing… Oh My!”

  1. RL October 8, 2010 at 2:40 am #

    Does the “” site work for you? I can't get it to load.

  2. Agent 21 @ October 8, 2010 at 2:44 am # sorry! this is the link I will modify it in the blog… thanks for letting me know!

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