Vegas Tip #1: Dressing for “Nighttime Sexcess”

6 Oct

There are strict dress codes that are standard in the Vegas nightlife. Most places require dress shoes, no hats and a collar/button-down shirt for men. Women can pretty much wear whatever they want, however, competition is stiff so the hotter the better. Women must remember that not only are they competing with fellow drinkers but also with bartenders and cocktail servers. Show some skin, wear a dress, or a tight top, and no one will judge, but please be aware, only show skin if you can. Some women show too much and the only person that should see anything below the belt is the one going home with you that night. Next, let’s make sure the carpet matches the drapes. Settle down. I meant make sure you are sporting undergarments that match your dress, i.e. black with black. I once saw white panties with a black dress and it was like a beaming spotlight across the dance floor… classy.

As for the men, keep your skin covered.  The local women as well as tourists are looking for the classy gentlemen that will buy them a drink and sweep them off their feet.  You do not have to be rich or even classy to accomplish that, you just need to look the part.  You will always get at least a look down if you dress with a metro twist.  Wearing hot trendy jeans, nice leather shoes, a button down (ironed) shirt, or a nice t-shirt with a sports jacket over it and the women will think you know style. There are certain rules to avoid because a woman can always spot a fashion imposter. Watch the bling!  Shirts that sport the bedazzled look need to be kept to a minimum and absolutely do not match it with bedazzled pants. You don’t need to shine like a star because you will be doing it alone.  Do not wear a shirt with an offensive comment under your jacket, you may think it is funny but no one else does.  Watch the patterns and colors or your shirt will be the only thing getting action.  Make sure your jeans are at least bootcut, the skinny jeans are only for women, and Wranglers are for the country not the city.  Be careful to not go too metro, otherwise known as a “brand whore”, women may question your doucheness. Being balanced is extremely important.  Learn your limits, and if you are not sure, please refer to your nearest GQ magazine.

If you need some great Vegas style examples, check out galleries!

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