One Night Stand

11 Oct

I am not a “girly” girl.  I was never a huge fan of Barbie, despise floral prints, could care less what purse I own, and do not need a call the next day.  I prefer to wear black (it’s slimming and sophisticated) even though sometimes I sport red or orange for the summer.  There are, however, some instances where I will go out of my fashion bubble for a good cause.  I had to reach to the back of my closet to find an old pink dress to wear at The Bank for their Pink Party this past Sunday.  For every girl that wore pink, The Bank donated $5 to breast cancer research.  It was my “Good Samaritan” act of the week.  Now it is new week and I am thinking about being a little bad.  The local strip scene is having some fun industry parties that I have to make my appearance at.

Tonight Jet is having ladies beg for some gold with their “Fool’s Gold” party.  The girl that collects the most gold coins wins a $2,500 gift certificate to The Jewelers of Las Vegas.  You won’t see me running around table to table because I prefer my jewelry bought for me.  What can I say? I am old fashioned.  I do like cash though and the girl that get the most LEOR coins wins $1000 cash.  I think I will just sit back and watch the girls scurrying around.  Tuesday Pure is premiering the La Perla lingerie collection.  I am going to go to see what I should buy to wear Wednesday night when I sleep over at Aria.  Gold is having an Industry Lock-In party and guests get 20% off the rooms at Aria. has the offer code and information on how to get the discount.  If I don’t find anything at Pure, I can always do a last minute purchase at Gold because they are featuring Coquette lingerie.  Girls can sport lingerie while dancing to the sounds of DJ Hollywood.  I prefer to leave my body to the imagination so I’ll wait to expose my lingerie in my hotel room and make sure I call down for a late checkout.  Now I just need to find someone to share the room with me.  Lucky for me I keep my blackbook on my phone or maybe I should say lucky for …

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