In The House

14 Oct
I feel like this weekend is going to be similar to the saying “the calm before the storm.” The saying is similar to my nights out.  I’m sober, chilled, enjoying my time and then lightening strikes! I’m wasted, dancing on tables, and demanding the spotlight.  It becomes bad when the music is so good that I can’t stand still.  Las Vegas is getting a special treat this weekend with two major lineups of the sickest house DJs on the charts.  Even if house music isn’t your thing, I guarantee the energy in the crowd will get you moving.  
Before I hit the dancefloor, I’m going to take it “easy.”  Tonight from 7-10PM, Caramel lounge is adding some culture to their scene by featuring an exhibition of Vegas Seven’s staff photographer, Anthony Mair.  Since Anthony is part our family, not to mention a winner of the Nevada Press Association, I want to support his talent and check out the showcase.  It is always nice to do something a little different and encourage culture in this drunken city.  Once I have gotten my fill of sophistication, I’m going retro and heading to Body English tomorrow for their special one night only opening.  Body English was once known for their “House Wednesdays” and they are standing by that with Deadmau5 (pronounced “Dead mouse”) this Friday.  Not sure whom Deadmau5 is?  He was the DJ that provided the music on the MTV Video awards and I’m providing a video to get a taste of the amazing performances he puts on.
Excited as I am for Deadmau5, nothing compares to my excitement for Sunday and getting to witness Bob Sinclair spin live at Haze as they are opening on a special night for the world renowned DJ.  Bob is very dear to my heart because he brings back a flood of memories from my bartending days of dancing on top of the bar and throwing napkins in the air to the crowd.  Every time I hear, “World, Hold On” my friends and I scream, “napkin song!”  One of the best things about house music is when the beat slows down and prepares for climax.  When it breaks the whole crowd lets loose.  Haze is providing him as a gift to the industry locals and ladies get complimentary admission when they RSVP on  I have already RSVP’d and counting down the days to “rock the party.” I dare you to play Bob’s video and not be tempted to go.

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