‘Tis the Scoring Season

18 Oct
I am originally from the Midwest… a good old country town where when fall comes around it wasn’t just the holiday season, it was football season! We would gather every Sunday to watch the game at the appointed house of the week. We would “grill out” (or as most refer it as “BBQ”) with burgers, bratwursts, and hot dogs while chasing it back with an ice cold Miller Lite or a spicy Bloody Mary. When I went to college it was all about going down to State Street (Madison, WI) pulling up a bar stool and taking shots at every touchdown. I must admit moving to Las Vegas years prior has left me lost in tradition until I finally found my “Vegas family” where I learned it is not about where you are at but who you are with that makes it so much fun!
Tonight for Monday night football I am gathering the crew and heading down to the District at Green Valley Ranch. Balboa, Al’s Garage, and Presido are having some killer specials with Miller Lite and food. Balboa will also be having a contest for a chance to win an office party for eight people. I would enter but I would be afraid that if we won, our office would never be allowed back in… what can I say? We know how to have fun. Unfortunately, the District is not on my side of town so during half time I might have to journey closer to home. I’ll probably stop at Town Square. Yardhouse always has good football specials and I know I’ll see someone I know there. LBS at Red Rock also has a MNF promo with 10 cent beer if you buy a mug for $15. You just need to bring it back every Monday and you can get 10 beers for a buck! Just make sure you have a ride home please. If anything else, I may just end up at Buffalo Wild Wings, where one of my best friends work, because once the game is done we have own competition of trivia. 
Just an FYI for all Las Vegas locals, you can support your local UFL (United Football League) when the Las Vegas Locos play the Hartford Colonials this Saturday, October 23rd at 12:30PM at Sam Boyd Stadium. Check out SpyOnVegas.com and RSVP to get your free ticket to the game. Gooooo Loco!

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