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20 Oct
It is only 10 days until Halloween. I would assume that most people have made their plans and travel arrangements for the ghoulish holiday, but if they are a procrastinator like me… they just realized what day it is and starting looking up last minute bookings. At least I’ve decided on one of my costumes, “calling Nurse 21.” There are many cities that may be fun to party in, but Las Vegas is the only city offering the parties and events to keep your itinerary full for a nonstop party weekend. My blog, “Vegas Tip #2: Costumes and Cash” gives a good idea of the parties happening in the clubs and ideas of what to wear if you are interested in winning a cash prize for best costume. Since you receive the newsletter you can pretty much plan out your entire weekend with a few extra ideas to keep it going non-stop. Here is a breakdown of what your weekend could possibly look like:
Thursday October 28
5:00-9PM: You arrive in Las Vegas stumbling off the plane as you have started the celebration pre-Vegas with shots and beer. Getting rid of excess baggage is a must so you run to check into your hotel room. (Check out Harrah’s hotels like Caesars, Rio, Paris, etc as they are having a “fly back free” with a 3 night stay. Treasure Island and MGM are also having great rates with a 3 night stay.) 
7:00-Midnight: To get in the Halloween spirit, start off your first night at Fright Dome at Circus Circus, to see some gory blood scenes and get your thrills on the rides. 
Midnight- 3AM: Put on the zombie mask you just purchased and head down to the Wynn. Tales from the Tryst is just kicking off at Tryst Nightclub and you’ll want to see who is going to win the cash grand prize. You feel that last vodka shot creeping up on you, and it’s time to head to the next spot. Pushing through the crowd you walk over to Blush for their Mingle and Mayhem party. Once you realize half of your group is gone, you decide to skip afterhours – traveling during the day really wore you out.
Friday October 29
Noon-3PM: You wake up with a horrible hangover. You realize you forgot to eat and go on a mission to find some greasy food along with aspirin. After chugging a full glass of water you order a Bloody Mary. 
4:00PM-11PM: After getting a catnap in and showering, you hop in a cab to the Silverton for Fright Fest. You make your way around the haunted houses but only go on a couple of rides in fear of throwing up on the 15 year olds that walking around you. 
10PM-3AM: You run head down to TAO where you have a table reservation to drink massive amounts of vodka and champagne while hoping to get a sneak peek of Ryan Kwanten from True Blood.
Saturday October 30
11AM-4PM: You wake up in a strange hotel room with someone whose first name you don’t know. They are still sleeping so you quickly sneak out and head down to the strip. As you are walking along, still drunk from the night before, you hear people clapping, music, and cheering. You step in Carnaval Court to see bartenders flaring and costumes galore. You know you probably look half dead anyway so you order a shot and start chatting with some other tourists. 
4PM-8PM: The night is only beginning. You are starving so the crew goes to Tacos and Tequila for their preparty Halloween bash. A couple of shots later you are back in the game and ready to get your costume on. 
11PM-5AM: The stroke of midnight means it’s officially Halloween, so you need to be at the Palms before early to make sure you get in the clubs. The Palms is having the Night of Killer Costumes and you love to club hop so it is perfect that you get to go between Moon, Ghostbar, and Rain. 
Sunday October 31
Noon-2PM: You wake up surprised in your own hotel room not quite remembering how you got there. Your friends tell you they booked the room for one more night since you missed your 11AM flight. Relieved you order room service and fall back asleep because you’re afraid your body isn’t going to make it.
3PM-10PM: Ready to rock and roll you find yourself back at the Palms for High Society’s Moulin Rouge Halloween party. It is your first time partying at the day club and love the crowd. You keep your energy going by downing a 5-Hour.
11PM-3AM: Lavoween is just kicking off at Lavo and since you heard 944 always knows how to throw a party you stop there first. After a couple of hours you start wandering down the Strip to Encore to make your way into Surrender. You manage to get pass the line because you put the crew on the guest list earlier that day. You eventually make back to the hotel setting your alarm so you don’t miss your flight … again.

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