Sex Appeal

21 Oct
There is a side to every woman that desires to be a sexy. As you get older and grow up or move into the city of Las Vegas, sex appeal becomes a must in the nightlife industry. You get opportunities to show it off with contest such as Hot 100 or Sexiest Server (coming this winter) but maybe you lack the confidence to say, “I’m hot.” Instead the green devil of jealousy rears in your head stating the winners weren’t good enough to win even though you know they were. A while back I went through a “Playboy” phase. I wanted to be on the cover, party in the mansion, sign my poster, and date a rockstar. I had a plan that when the Playboy Club was to open I was going to be a bunny, get discovered, and all my sexy dreams would come true. I didn’t get the job and the phase quickly passed. I got into the world of writing instead, which seems to be working out better for me and my nudity is kept hidden from the public. This weekend I get to taste the best of both worlds when I get to mix sex with the mind. 
Tonight the Playboy Club is having a special host, Hugh Hefner himself. He might be the only 84 year-old man that women desire to be with no matter how old they are. I can’t say I would sleep with him, but I can say I have respect for him. He is a legend and I would like to just shake his hand and say job well done. Hef is hosting the night in preparation for Saturday when the Playboy Club searches for the girl to fill the November calendar spot. Fighting my way through the crowd to Hef can be intimidating when going up against security, so I will have to get my liquid courage at Blondies with some free Ketel One vodka hosted from SpyOnVegas Open Bar. I will have some time to kill before he gets there so I’m going to entertain my ears with Jonsi performing at the House of Blues. I already printed my free ticket on 
Not everything can be about sex so Friday at 8PM at the El Cortez I’m tapping into my creative mind as I listen to local icons tell a story. “The Tell” is an event that has yet to be seen in Las Vegas. Popular in cities throughout the US, storytellers gather to share improv true stories on a specific topic. Think of it as story time when you were a kid in school but with the topic of “cheating” along with cocktails being served, makes this event for adults only. Get into some culture and do something different this Friday… don’t worry you will still have plenty of time to go out after and do some sinning.

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