25 Oct
Made you look didn’t I? The last week of October is upon us, which means this week is the official kickoff to Halloween and costumes with cleavage galore. Excited as I am to slip into something a little naughty, I can’t forget to reiterate the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. A lot of scary things happen in October, but one of the scariest things could be the fact that breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women second only to skin cancer. Men should also be aware. Women are known for their “breasts,” but men have them too and I’m not just referring to “man boobs.” So before I head out on Tuesday night to scare up some fun, I’m going to slip into a pink bra and support some breasts (pardon the pun) and head down to Brio in Town Square for the SpyOnVegas Fight against Breast Cancer. The event is from 6-9PM with an open bar of Sierra Nevada and Pyrat Rum, but I encourage taking your wallets out and ordering some apps as a percentage goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. For more info check out 
Once I’m done being the closest thing I can be to a saint, I’m putting on my sinning shoes and heading off to the Strip. Blush is having a kick-off to Halloween party with Vampires and Villains. The sexiest costume winners will receive $5000 in cash and prizes with guest judge Zak Bagans from the TV show “Ghost Adventures.” I encourage all to enter but I am going to pass. Now if only Taylor Lautner was judging I wouldn’t need a costume… two words: TEAM JACOB. Wednesday the competition gets stiff when Surrender hosts their own Halloween party with a $10,000 cash prize for the best costume. I guarantee there will be some sick costumes with my own personal bet that a Lady Gaga meat dress will be somewhere. I love to hop around so I’ll probably hit up Gold Lounge in Aria to help my friend for his guest list and eventually make it over to Moon… too bad the full moon was last Friday, it would have been awesome to have the roof open and witness how many freaks actually do come out at night. To think that is only half of the week. With a million and one other parties to go to over the weekend I think the scariest thing I might be facing is my liver. Anyone know of a good detox treatment? I have the feeling I am going to need it.

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