Don’t Forget Your Party Pants!

3 Nov
Do you like house music? We have a party for that. Do you prefer hip hop? We have a party for that. Do you like free booze? We have a party for that.  In fact our event listings for the next couple weeks is making Vegas “so fly like a G-6.”  
If you will be in Vegas early this week or staying late from the SEMA convention, the weekend is beginning on Thursday with the secret word of the day being “free.”  Free Bacardi drinks will be given out from 7-10PM at Cadillac Ranch with SpyOnVegas Open Bar, which is perfect for me.  I have to keep my bod nice and fit so Bacardi and Diet is one of my usual drinks… no carbs, no sugar.  Thursday is a “school night” for me so I’ll probably pass out early but if you want to keep going Haze, Tryst, and Tao all have industry nights for guestlists, free entry, and some with free drinks.
Once the weekend finally hits, it will be time to bounce around like the little kitty I am.  Friday I’ll be back at Town Square for another SpyOnVegas Open Bar at Blue Martini.  On top of Blue’s sick half price happy hour from 4-8PM, they are giving out three different kinds of free sake.  Did someone say sake bomb? Yes, yes I did. After I will have to head down Blush as Tony Hawk is hosting the night to help save Las Vegas’s skateparks.  I’ll admit I’m not a skater girl, but I have hung out with a few skater boys so I’ll support the cause.  If I don’t drink myself into oblivion I will stumble on down to Surrender as Aoki is returning to his resident home.  
Saturday, November 6th is going to be a long night.  In case you didn’t know, Sunday is daylight savings time which means an extra hour of partying! I’ll be popping bottles in the clubs to keep me going all night long… and I’m going to have to.  Drake is stopping in Vegas for his Light Dreams and Nightmares tour and having his official afterparty at Tryst Nightclub.  Sign me up on the guestlist now because I love his music.  I know the club will be packed so even I will be getting there early.  Next door at Encore, Far East Movement is performing live at Surrender.  I am a fast walker so I’m going to have to sneak out to see it.  Hopefully the timing will be perfect and I will get the best of both worlds.  I don’t afterparty very often but with an extra hour of sleep for Sunday, I’m making an exception.  Paul Oakenfold and EC Twins are spinning at Rain Nightclub so once I get enough of hip hop and I will be heading for some house.  That is going to be a long night and I have to somehow manage to make it over to The Bank on Sunday night as I will be utilizing my nightlife right to vote for the leaders of Las Vegas.  
I’ll be taking a little break during the week to save my pretty pennies as tourists come into Vegas, I will be heading out to Hollywood baby.  Sometimes leaving Las Vegas makes you appreciate it even more, especially when you have to cut your night short because of last call.  However, I am not leaving until that Sunday so I will have time to make my rounds.  It will be a short and sweet trip as I will be back in time for Blush’s 3rd Annual Go-Go Cup on Tuesday, November 16th.  Those girls bust their butt in the clubs and their talent deserves recognition.  More events are sure to come next weekend so make sure you check out for the latest postings.  

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