"Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another?"

4 Nov
It is time for Vegas to take out the bubbly. Parties are popping up all over the place this weekend when usually things are slowing down. How am I ever going to take a break with all this exciting stuff to do? No wonder my mother thinks I’m an alcoholic. She just doesn’t understand the demands of a social butterfly. If a new weekly event is premiering, I need to know if it is worth going back to. If there is a performance, I want to see it. If there is an anniversary, birthday, or any other celebration… well, don’t even get me started. I love celebrations! All my favorite things fall on this weekend, but you can’t get a party girl down.
The weekend is taking off tonight with Cadillac Ranch and SpyOnVegas Open Bar. Bacardi is providing free cocktails so I can sip for three full hours with no sugar and no carbs. I just have to be careful because mixing diet soda with alcohol will increase the intoxication level. That’s your useful or useless fact of the day. I’m sure I’ll be ready to dance and Lavo is premiering SEDUXION Latin night. Okay, I’ll admit I don’t know how to salsa but if I’m drinking I’ll probably try to act like I can. Once I’m done making a fool out of myself I will head over to JET and kick it old school as they are bringing back the “classicks” for hip-hop night. I’ll have to switch my heels to some chucks for once. I need to buy some because I don’t own a pair of sneakers other than for the gym. I will make good use of them and head to Blush Friday night to support my fellow skater boys and Tony Hawk while they fight for Las Vegas’s skateparks. 
Saturday night is the craziest one of them all! I’m envisioning my night starting early. The Las Vegas Locos are playing the Sacramento Mountain Lions at 8PM so if I can get ready in time I will swing by there first. But I must be ready for Tao and their 5 year anniversary party because I want to congratulate the club that brought us a new sense of nightlife with half naked girls in tubs, awesome resident DJs, and unisex bathrooms. After, I am going to head north to the Wynn for Drake’s appearance at Tryst. I get the school girl chills just thinking about it. Once I realize that Drake won’t be finding his love with me, I am going to crash the party at Surrender for Far East Movement. If I have any energy left (I wish I could drink Red Bull) I am going to afterparty at Rain with Oakenfold. However, I have to remember Sunday night I have to go out and place my vote at The Bank for the leaders of Las Vegas nightlife. Nightlife is what makes Vegas go all night long so we need the right people representing it. It’s too bad I couldn’t chose these people for Senate because at least they will take a shot with each other rather than at each other… just saying.

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