Searching for the Meaning

8 Nov

“Party: v. one of the best things you can do during your week filled with drinking, dancing, and sex. Highly recommending going to one, throwing one makes too big of a mess.” – Urban Dictionary. There are probably a million different definitions for the word “party.” I think this one I found when browsing through can pretty much sum up the word “party” for Las Vegas. You can party at any time, any day, and any place in Las Vegas. Often at these social events stories are spoken, new discoveries are created, memories are made, and pictures are taken. We understand this at and that is what we strive to represent in the city of Las Vegas.

Tonight I will be adding a new term to my verbal dictionary: chick-tionary. JET nightclub is having a contest tonight for the guy that has most numbers in his black book. Personally I think the chicks got missed in this one. What about our black book? I keep mine locked secretly in my blackberry so I don’t forget my promiscuous affairs, assuming I got their names much less a phone number… minor details. I am going to have to go just to see who the P.I.M.P. of Sin City is.

Tuesday is going to be a fun filled night. I finally will have time to watch my friend play hockey at the Las Vegas Ice Center. There is a game every Tuesday during the winter season and I have yet to go. The rink is connected to a bar so it allows me to pre-party before going to LAVO where special guest DJ Roger Sanchez is spinning. I have danced to his music before at some the city’s hottest clubs so I know it will be worth my time. I may have to stop by Blush first because they have their weekly open bar of champagne from 11-midnight. If I have enough ladies I might even get a table so I can stick with my usual liquor of choice, vodka. Pure nightclub is also having a party Tuesday for WSOP winner, Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi. I have an appreciation of poker players as I used to play Texas Hold ‘em back in the day with my boys from Wisconsin. I never won though; my attention span would run short during the final round so usually I would just go all in to get out. Speaking of getting out, I will have to cure my hangover on Wednesday with the “hair of the dog that bit me.” Blondies is having an open bar with Ketel One vodka and Bud Light. I’ll grab a Bloody Mary to set my body back to party mode as the weekend is right around the corner.

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