"Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!"

11 Nov
I would like to think I am lover not a fighter, but honestly I am not one to shy away from confrontation. My bark is a lot worse than my bite so I can usually get my point across without resorting to physical violence… except for that one time in the 4th grade when that one girl and I met out in the playground. Let’s just say I walked away without a scratch. However, fighting over petty issues and emotional situations is never the answer and to resort to violence is a strong sign of immaturity. Live and learn I say. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with watching a good fight may it be the grueling matches of the UFC or hand to hand boxing matches. This weekend, Las Vegas better be ready to rumble. 
This Saturday Manny Pacquiao is challenging Antonio Margarito in the boxing ring for a title in his 8th weight class. The match is in Texas but you can watch it in Las Vegas on a floor to ceiling projection screen at Lagasse’s Stadium in the Palazzo. It will be first come, first serve to guests. The match starts at 6PM PT so the earlier you get there the better. You can start getting pumped up Friday night at Haze as they are having a The Usual Suspect Prefight Party and all ladies get in for free. Earlier that evening you can sip on some free Pink Grapefruit Belevdere while listening to the Jeremy Cornwell Project at The Lobby Bar at Green Valley Ranch for SpyOnVegas Open Bar. After the fight on Saturday keep your fists pumping at Tao with some house music. They are featuring guests DJs Sander Van Doorn and Tony Arzadon. On Sunday continue to fight for the gold as The Bank is bringing back their signature “Golddiggers” party. The lady that collects the most golddigging dollars wins $5000 cash. The competition for the best doesn’t end this weekend either. SpyOnVegas.com is starting their own catfight between women of the industry. The much anticipated “Sexiest Server” contest is starting. To all you ladies that have to deal with entertaining clients, drunken patrons, and working hard at fulfilling your guestlist is finally going to pay off. The city wide search will end up with lucky lady filling her bank account up with a $10,000 check. If you think that could be you, grab your gloves and check out spyonvegas.com/sexiestserver to enter. May the sexiest server win!

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