Going Hollywood

15 Nov
“Just so you know, anyone who calls it ‘Hollywood’ never makes it in Hollywood.” – Peter Highman Lucky for me I am not trying to make it in Hollywood, just crashing it for a couple of days. I love Vegas, but a break was needed to remind myself of how just good we have it. It’s my roommate’s birthday this week so four Vegas girls headed out for a quick “Hollywood” getaway including a Lakers game, dining in WeHO, and night at the Hollywood Roosevelt all planned out by yours truly. However, it’s not all play for me as I brought my laptop, Blackberry, and business cards to take notes and also promote the Sexiest Server contest. That’s right ladies; we have to keep the competition interesting so girls from other cities can enter as long as they participate in the events. Don’t worry too much, I will be back home tomorrow as the “Vegas” celebration will be going down at Lavo so it only gives me 24 hours to spread the word. 
I expect my fellow local party peeps to hit the city in my place tonight as JET and XS both have their industry nights going on. If you are more focused on football, the Playboy Club is having a special viewing of the Eagles taking on the Redskins along with drink and appetizer specials and a betting table before the game. I have to be back early tomorrow to finalize everything for Lavo later that night. I’m starting her off with shots to get the buzz started and then take her over to Blush for the Annual Go Go Cup and convince her to try out. She doesn’t “go go” but girls are always down to dance with liquor courage. 
To most people three days of partying would require a day off, but I celebrated my birthday for two weeks straight. I will be out again on Wednesday to check out 3 Tomatoes and Mozzarella for the SpyOnVegas Open Bar with Devotion Vodka and Beaulieu Vineyards wine. If the birthday girl is still alive, I will take her to Playboy Club after as they are having a live performance from Amanda Blank for the birthday celebrations DJ88, M!keAttack, and Rachel Wenman. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. I have birthdays galore this month with four more birthdays to celebrate all before Thanksgiving. That is a lot of planning, eating, and drinking for me. I suppose that is how my life is every day, which is way I live in the City of Sin instead of the City of Angels.

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