Last Night a DJ Saved My Life…

18 Nov
After spending three days in Los Angeles, I was ecstatic to get back home and hit Surrender to hear good music spinning from DJ Mighty Mi. The vacation was fun overall, but I must say nothing compares to Las Vegas. I was not a fan of LA music playing in the lounges. I don’t know how to describe it. I guess I would consider it underground hip-hop with a mix of beats that was supposed to be house? My favorite was when we were in Teddy’s in Hotel Roosevelt and this girl says to me at the bar, “I’m so happy they finally have a DJ that actually plays house music.” At that time, “Juicy” from B.I.G. came on. I smiled at her sympathetic knowledge of music and said, “Oh honey, you don’t know house until you have been to Vegas.” I did find some awesome dresses shopping on Melrose to go out with this weekend, and I’m going to need them because this weekend music is taking over. 
Before I boogie down, I will be dressing up with a ‘stache. Yes, I do mean a mustache. Silverton Casino is bringing back Mustachio Bashio, an event to show off your best ‘stache. Doors open at 6PM to a Mariachi band, live karaoke, beer pong, mashed potato eating contest, $1 beer, and more! Even if you don’t sport a mustache, I still encourage you to check it out because they will be selling Mustachio Bashio limited t-shirts and a portion of the proceeds go to the Juvenile Diabetics Research Foundation. Once I am done filling up on carbs, I am going to get my dance on. Where shall I go? DJ Cobra is at Lavo, Rev Run is at Rain, DJ Ross is at Tao, or I could fist pump next to Vinny from the Jersey Shore at JET. Wherever I go, I just need to make sure I get some rest because Saturday Wisconsin is playing UNLV at 4PM. After going to my first NBA game, my basketball fever has set in, and I should go cheer for my Badger Alumni. Later that night DJ Felix da Cathouse is at Rain and I always enjoy the energy he brings to his sets. I won’t be able to stay for too long as I want to go to Tao when they do a crossover set with DJ Vice and Ravi Drums. It is not easy to follow the beats together and when two different music sets can combine their talent, it is usually a major crowd pleaser. If I have time, I’m going to sneak to Lavo and check out Bam Margera as he is hosting the night in celebration of JACKASS 3D’s success. Thank goodness I came back in time for all the dancing so I can burn off those calories I will be packing on next week for Thanksgiving. Viva Las Vegas!

2 Responses to “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life…”

  1. djdonrosari November 19, 2010 at 5:28 pm #

    I find this just as funny as the girls comment about BIG being house..

    “Oh honey, you don’t know house until you have been to Vegas.” You really feel that? Vegas BLOWS for house, hopefully you werent referring to say Perfecto Saturdays where Pauls set pretty much sounds the same, or Kasakade Sundays where that set is pretty much the same too… and what other great house spots do we have…the back room of jet, maybe a side room at moon, blush wed… all dummed down versions of what dance music is about, yet all along the same lines of vegas' standard of music being all things to all people, which is why the music always sounds the same in all the clubs, just a different wrapper. Only great days with real talent are MDW and LDW at Wet…yet again all headliners though, nothing consistent..

    Where can you get decent house music? A few off the strip spots here and there… Artisan late night.., Vanguard Ive been happy with, Marrakech isnt bad but could use more support.. or if you have the drive Drais has legit house, but who can pull the 4-9am shift anymore…but you want a real house scene in Vegas, it wont happen anytime soon.

    Not to forget the good names from vegas like chris garcia, and greg lopez isnt bad since he's switched from the top40 mix up.. Tony Arzadon and Nathan Scott also but seem to be in a comfortable zone like stated above and not striving quite as hard like some up and coming DJ's *uh hum* hungry for what they have achieved, only to be wasted spinning the same set when theres 100's of gigs of music at you disposal…sad…

    San fran, thats good house music, LA decent here and there, San Diego…now thats the california gold rush if you ask me…lots of opportunity for those willing to get at it..

  2. Agent 21 @ November 20, 2010 at 10:28 pm #

    Dear djdonrosari,

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and comment on something you feel very passionate about and pointing out other areas where you can enjoy house music.

    In response to what you commented on, I wanted to clear some things up. I enjoy music very much, but to say I am expert at it would be a lie. I write a short blog for the city of Vegas. I can't include everything because it would become a book other than a blog. 😉 I shortened up the conversation between the girl and me dramatically to make the point I live in Vegas and will encourage anyone to come and visit. I know San Francisco is a great place for house as my friends that live in Northern Cal were the ones that introduced me to “real” house music that probably a lot of people have never heard of but I don't write for San Francisco.

    With that being said, to say there isn't a “house” scene in Vegas would be depend on how you define house. Every genre of music has subgenres, like in house you could be speaking of trance, electronic, dance, euro, etc. Most people do not like house because they want lyrics and something short and sweet. They don't understand that house is about the beats and a seven to thirteen minute song can be an amazing mix of sound instead of untz, untz, untz.

    I think artists such as Kaskade, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, and every other DJ that you state doesn't play house, are geniuses in marketing house music. They took a sound that normally most people wouldn't listen to and twisted to adhere to the public. Maybe it's not hardcore house, but at least they are introducing it. It is like Grey Goose Vodka. Grey Goose is one of the top selling vodkas in the World, not because of taste but marketing and knowing what the public wants. Once someone starts dabbling into the grains of vodka and developing an appreciation for the taste, they may switch to Smirnoff. You being a DJ yourself I'm sure would love to play whatever you wanted, but if you have a gig at a specific venue, you most likely have to play for the audience.

    Perhaps one day I will break down the definition of house in a blog and I'll make sure to contact you if you would like to include any DJs in any area of the world. 🙂

    Thanks again! 🙂


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