The Gift That Keeps on Giving…

13 Dec
Have you made your list and checked it twice? Of course, I’m referring to your naughty and nice list of who will receive their gift from Santa this year. As I’m sure you have your own wish list, sometimes thinking of gifts for others is not easy, and especially for the Vegas girl or guy that usually has everything their little heart’s desire. I love shopping for gifts and my list of receivers is usually a couple of pages long. Most of my acquaintances receive the cookies I spend a week baking, but for the close friends I have made in Vegas I search high and low to get them something special. No matter what your budget may be this, this is my little gift guide with some ideas that may help your creative gift buying. 
For your best girlfriend: $30-$50
Remind her of all the forgotten drunken nights you have spent together by compiling your collection of embarrassing photos into a book she can stick right on her coffee table for all to see. Just go to Walgreens Photo Center and upload them all. Walgreens will take care of the rest and organize them into a hardcover book. It even allows you to put captions under each picture if you can remember where and when they were taken.
For your best guyfriend: $50
Spread a little bromance with a unique gift straight from the heart. This unique flask, is hand carved so not one is the same, you can even buy a little bottle of his favorite liquor to go along with it. If you are feeling extra nice, you can take it to Things Remembered and personalized it with his name. How about that for some holiday “cheers?” 
For your boyfriend or “manfriend”: $100-$200
A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and if you aren’t the best in the kitchen, take him out to dinner someplace different in the city. Hugo’s Cellar is one of Las Vegas’s little secret, located in the Four Queens Hotel downtown, the restaurant has been voted as one of the best gourmet restaurants since 1991. You will even get a little gift yourself as the restaurant provides a rose to every lady. 
If you want to skip dinner and go straight to his head (you can use your imagination with that one) slip on your hottest lingerie and present him with a room at Las Vegas’s newest casino and resort, The Cosmopolitan, where you can be “just the right amount of bad.” 
For that lucky lady: $50 and above
Maybe you can’t remember her birthday, but at least let her know you remember her first name even if you don’t know her last with a personalized necklace like Carrie’s from Sex and the City. Many sites online offer unique name necklaces ranging from all different styles and prices. Here is one site I found just in case you can’t seem to find one yourself, Nameplate Necklace, and if you are feeling really generous, you can get her earrings to match. 
For your boss: $9
Maybe your struggling with your guest list or feeling bad for the last time you called out sick from being hungover, you can make up for it with spreading a little holiday cheer. Run down to Urban Outfitters and grab the book, “Keep Calm and Carry On” by Ebury Press. The book is filled with quotes for some perspective and wisdom on weird times. You might need to have him or her reference it next time you get the on naughty work list.
I hope this helps with taking some of the stress off from holiday shopping, but remember Christmas is only 12 days away so you might need to order some of these gifts today to make sure you have in time. Happy Holidays!

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