Kissing 2010 Good-bye

20 Dec
With 2010 coming to an end, it would only be natural for me to review all of the Las Vegas happenings that made an impact this past year. There were openings and closings, robberies, industry uproars, and even a death ray. There is never a dull moment in this city and 2010 kept people busy with gossip, tweets, and news stories. As the first of January rolls in, we can officially say good-bye to this past year and anticipate what 2011 is going to bring to the Las Vegas scene. 
With economic struggles still making an impact, some Las Vegas locals got desperate and took their attempt to find some fast cash. There were ten casino robberies this past year with the smartest criminal being the Treasure Island heist in July. The robber got away with a bag full of cash and has yet to be caught. The dumbest goes to the Bellagio robber this past month that stole $1.5 million in casino chips that are useless to spend considering any chip $1000 and above have a special code and require identification to cash. 
The long awaited Cosmopolitan casino and resort finally opened their doors this month along with some awesome venues including Marquee nightclub, STK Steakhouse, and STICHED. Encore casino and resort did the fastest opening of the year with Encore Beach Club and Surrender back in May. Revolver at Santa Fe opened back in February, Lolita’s and NU Sanctuary joined Town Square, Gilley’s did a comeback at Treasure Island, and PBR Rockhouse opened their doors this past fall proving that Las Vegas can never have too many mechanical bulls. To keep things balanced there were also some closings such as The Ritz Carlton and Casino MonteLago at Lake Las Vegas, Risque nightclub in Paris, and Cherry nightclub at Red Rock. 
Bette Midler hung up her dancing shoes this past year from Caesar’s and Cher also announced her departure even though she goes until February of 2011. Garth Brooks joined the Wynn with sold out shows along with the new show, Sinatra, making its debut. 
The nightlife industry was the talk of the town this past year with some changes that included some major unexpected turnovers, bans, and celebrity buzz. Names are not needed, but it will be interesting to see how things pan out in 2011, even though some people have already recovered from the unexpected blows. Angel Management Club took over Pure Management Group adding a total of 23 venues to their list. Tao celebrated five years of success, which proves that some clubs can survive in Vegas. 
One of the biggest stories that Vegas had this year was about an unexpected ray of death from the Vdara pool. The curve from the hotel amplified the sun’s ray causing severe burns within minutes. It is hot enough to singe hair and melt plastic. The problem is due to be fixed even though many out of town visitors have taken it as an opportunity to start a new tourist spot when they come to visit, which just shows even bad publicity is still good publicity.
My own review of 2010 this past year would be too long to write about, but I will say one of the best memories was my two week birthday bash where I was convinced I was near death at the last shindig. What can I say? Leos love to party. So I will party on for the rest of 2010 right until the clock strikes midnight and say good-bye to one of best years ever.

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