Jingle Bells, Matzo Balls, Disco all the Way!

23 Dec
I try to make sure to switch things up a bit every time I write a blog for my local Vegas peeps. In case I haven’t mentioned (which I have a million times), New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and I hope you have your plans set. Instead of writing another blog on the whole New Year’s breakdown, I’ll refer you over to my previous written blog, 2011 Will be Heaven. You may be saving your partying for the special night of the year, but I will say you will miss out on a lot of fun, especially for those who stay in the city for the holiday. 
For those who do not celebrate Christmas, I dedicate this paragraph to all my Jewish peeps, “Shalom to you.” Blush is hosting the 16th Annual Bagel Ball tonight. There is $40 cover charge to everyone unless you buy in advance, it is $30 and any member of the Jewish Community Center gets $5 off. The price includes free drinks and apps from 8-10PM, a chance to mingle and meet with Jewish singles along with a chance to win a prize from the raffle when you bring a $5 gift card from any grocery store. Friday the 24th the annual Matzo Ball is being held at Blue Martini. Your $30 ticket includes free apps and a free drink. For more information you can check out maztoball.org. To that I say, “Mazel Tov!” 
‘Twas the night before Christmas, in the City of Sin, not a person was sleeping, not even the EC Twins. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, Christmas is here this weekend and as some of the nightclubs go dark, others will be flashing their lights getting ready to party for the holiday. Marquee is having a preview party with the popular EC Twins spinning along with local favorite, DJ Chris Garcia. Christmas day, Surrender nightclub is giving the gift of music with Sharam and Faarsheed spinning all night long to spread the lively cheer throughout the crowd. 
If you are out of town for the weekend, make sure you get back in time for the Vegas SEVEN Nightlife Awards party at Marquee, Wednesday, December 29th. This will be your chance to see the club without the cover charge. Hosted by Moet & Chandon, you can join in the champagne reception at 8PM at STK Steakhouse and follow us into Marquee at 10PM. All you have to do is RSVP at http://www.spyonvegas.com/index.php?query=events/view/4337. To see who is getting what award you can check out the digital copy of SEVEN at http://weeklyseven.com/digital. Consider this inside information to one of the year’s biggest party my gift to you. 
On a final note, I went home for Christmas this past weekend and after dealing with a blizzard and 5 degree temps; I’ll take the Vegas winter as a gift any day. I’m excited to spend some time with my Vegas family this weekend and I hope everyone gets to spend the holiday with their loved ones as well. Happy Holiday Vegas and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

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