Let’s Get Physical!

27 Dec
I don’t know about you, but I ate a crapload this past weekend. Between going to three different Christmas gatherings, cookies, snacks, and a few bottles of wine, I didn’t feel like moving after so I didn’t. That may be the reason why the clothes I got for Christmas were a bit snug. Since I have to manage to squeeze into a teeny tiny dress this New Year’s Eve, the gym this week is going to be my new best friend. The only problem with that is I get bored really quickly of doing the same routine. I will be fine this week, but since one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get fit and look fantastic, I’m going to need to spice things up. In fact, losing weight is the number one resolution across America, even though only 12% of people actually go through with it. 
Let me start off by saying I’m not a nutritionist or a trainer, but I have been in the Vegas industry for the last five years so I know appearance is important and have learned a few things about the right way to do things and “I have a job interview in three days so I need to lose ten pounds by then” way. I will tell you the proper way to lose weight is one to two pounds a week. Fasting, power juices, and cleanses are fast ways to drop a lot pounds, but you may end up gaining it back just as fast if not double. I don’t like to diet, I just watch what I eat, small meals throughout the day, and never eat fast food (except when I’m really drunk at 4AM). Being physical is the best way to maintain your weight and it’s good for your heart as well. 
If you’re up for a challenge: Boot Camp Las Vegas
This is not for the weak hearted. Much like the training programs you will see on The Biggest Loser, Boot Camp Las Vegas is a group workout with lunges, squats, hill work, punching bags, and harness pulls for one hour available from Mon-Sat. It is available in all locations of Vegas and the classes are early enough in the morning where you can go after the graveyard shift or before day shift. Oh yeah, it’s affordable too with many different payment option so your only excuse is your will. Boot Camp Las Vegas
If you can take the heat: Hot Pilates at Vegas Hot!
The “hot” new craze is nothing to take lightly. Some of you may have tried Hot Yoga and found it kind of boring, but Hot Pilates are at a whole other level. Imagine doing an hour of boot camp on the hottest day of the summer but confined in a smaller room and sweating so bad that you can hardly see. The whole hour you may be cursing at yourself, but the next day your body will be a sore you are yet to feel. The workout will get you lean, fit, and strong. The classes are pricey, but beauty can come at a high price. One warning I will give you: never go hungover… just trust me on this, I speak from personal experience. Vegas Hot!
If you want to bring your sexy back: Pole Dancing
Stripping, or as some may call it, exotic dancing, is a standard in Las Vegas much like gambling and drinking. Even though some may not have the courage to shake their bare booty for cash, you can still have a body like them. You can learn to own the pole and even take some lap dancing classes for your boy at home. If you’re too shy to do with a group, private lessons are available but no matter how you go about it, your body will be rock solid and confidence level will scream sexy. There are many studios in Vegas and you can check out these websites to see what best suits you: http://www.poledancinglasvegas.net, http://www.poleworx.com/las-vegas.htm, http://www.poledancinglasvegas.com/, or http://lasvegaspoledancestudio.com
If you need a push: Personal Training
If you have a gym membership that you don’t use because lack of motivation to leave your bed then hire someone to force you up. No matter what gym you belong to every one of them have the option to hire a trainer on site. If you don’t have a gym membership you can look into trainers that have their own facilities. Either that or train with your fists instead of weights. Boxing is a great exercise and I’m not talking Tae Bo. You ever watch a boxing match? Each round is only three minutes for reason. Your arms will be toned, your abs will be packed, and your two-step will be quick. Hey you might even get good enough to join the Fight Club this spring. http://www.lvboxing.com/vegasboxinggyms.htm 
No matter how you decide to get fit in 2011, make a goal, beat the odds, and stick to it. Last tip to remember, never skip breakfast because it jump starts your metabolism for the day. Get ready, set… go!

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  1. Kent December 28, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

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    We have a static training schedule that takes place Monday – Thursday (7:pm – 10:pm). Affordable rates and a routine that will body slam the boring gym habits and guarantee you a fresh approach to working out.

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