Drinking to the Industry

6 Jan

Everyone knows that the nightclubs and lounges in Vegas can be a pain in the butt to get into. Once you get through the hassle of the line, the prices can be pretty steep unless you have a “hookup.” The industry’s way of paying back the locals is having featured Industry Nights with free cover, guest lists, and sometimes free drinks. No matter what day of the week it is (other than Friday and Saturday); you can head out to one special place and take advantage of the industry.

On Sunday, The Bank is usually the number one place to head out for Industry Night. The locals gather here to fulfill their friends’ guest lists and usually an industry workplace will have a comp table. They are known for having contests that night and featured DJ’s to give a little extra gift for guests. Vanity also features S.I.N. Sundays for the locals, which includes free cover and sometimes a performer.

Monday, I feel, is the best night for the Industry. XS features free cover for locals, which for the #1 mega club is good because it is not easy getting into the club any other day. JET Nightclub has featured its Industry Night on Mondays for the longest time and it is still pumping. Usually if you have a group of 10 or more you can score a comp bottle or sometimes they hand out drink tickets for those on the guest list. However, both of these known power heads are going to have a run for their money as STK and Marquee are challenging to take over Mondays. STK is featuring Magnum Mondays where if you buy a bottle, you will receive a free Magnum of Veuve. On top of that you get 25% off your meal if you choose to dine there as well. Once you’re good and buzzed, locals can head downstairs to Marquee and get in for free.

The most popular spot for locals on Tuesdays is Blush Boutique Nightclub. They feature an open champagne bar from 11-12 and large groups can qualify for a free bottle. Pure Nightclub is also open for locals on Tuesdays offering free cover for the guest list and locals. Lavo offers free entry and buys your first drink when you hit the intimate club on Tuesdays.

Wednesday is usually a kick off for the weekend and Surrender Nightclub asks locals to “Surrender Your Wednesday.” They offer an open bar from 11-12 and now you can expect to have Afrojack spinning the night away as he is taking up his exclusive residency there. LAX has been in the background for a while but is making a comeback since AMG took over and is featuring some sick DJs of their own. If you want to avoid the nightclubs for a night, Gold and Caramel feature Industry Nights on Wednesdays and offers a free drink ticket to guests on the list.

Thursday is usually considered part of the weekend and a lot of the clubs are open for tourists, but Tryst Nightclub offers free entry for locals and guests along with a free drink ticket for girls and guys. Tao has Worship Thursdays, its local night offering free entry for all locals and guest list peeps. Haze Nightclub offers free entry to guests and as an incentive usually features major performers on some Thursday nights.

Over the weekend it is hard to get in anywhere unless you have a favorite host that will let you bypass the line and cover. Industry Nights are good to market and mingle and usually the same people are out showing how small this city really is. Either way it is good to get out and make your connections. Of course if you ever need help with any of these places, feel free to email me at agent21@spyonvegas.com and I will help you take advantage of the industry.

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