Sexy Technology

10 Jan
The CES and AVN convention was a big hit this year in Las Vegas, showcasing new gadgets and new toys to make any consumer happy. CES revealed competition against the popular iPad, continuing trends with 3D, enhancements on personal hobbies, and some items that are only for the wealthy. AVN had the usual “T” and “A,” but introduced some new lines of protection, a new position, and a high tech product to take care of yourself.
Convenience is one thing people strive for and the iPad was a huge hit for people on the go. This year Samsung is joining the market with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Teaming up Verizon Wireless’s 4G LTE network, the tab will provide video conferencing, real time navigation, eReading, Internet access pretty much anywhere, and a cool new feature called augmented reality, which allows you to explore your surroundings with point-of-interest icons with reviews and information.
I guess three isn’t too crowded when it comes to technology. With the release of the 3D TV last year, Sony is it taking to a new level with laptops. The Sony Vaio F Series, priced around $1700, is the first laptop to provide 16-inches of 3D enabled viewing, which can be seen with a pair of Sony’s 3D shutter glasses. It even converts 2D to 3D while keeping it in high definition.
If you want some hands free video and picture capabilities there was new technology shown that even James Bond would be jealous. Lady Gaga showed up at the CES convention to show her own development, the new Polariod GL20 Camera Glasses. These super magic shades have a built-in digital camera that takes pictures and video and allows you to send and share them with whoever else is wearing the glasses. That takes spying on a whole new level and a price that has yet to be revealed.
Some questionable products were for more personal use. Ahrong Eltech is a leader in skin care and displayed its new product, Rex-Kara III, an ultrasonic wave massager. Eltech claims the product improves the health of your skin and helps you lose weight. The product was tested on oranges, but not on humans. Eltech cannot provide any evidence to weight loss other than the fact the product is ultrasound, which is known to increase blood circulation and breaking down fat. Another product to help increase blood flow and reduce stress was by HeartMath called Emwave 2. The device hooks up to your computer, charting your stress level and producing images and sounds to bring you into a “zen” state. The product is priced at $199, which with what the device does; you can do for free with breathing and meditation.
With society being more outspoken when it comes to sex and keeping it safe, new products were presented to have a little more fun with your glove. Ooo Boutique introduced a new line of condoms that are labeled according to desire. For example, “Try Me” provides positions to try when practicing it safe and “Take Me” suggests places to be safe and sexy. Another set of the designer condoms, “Art of Lust,” comes in an eight pack of individual drawn imagery of kung fu and Kama Sutra. It might be a good idea to fill up on carbs to keep your energy going to drive through that pack.
Speaking of positions, Thrills & Giggles takes it to a whole new level. Their new contraption, Pair’s Wheel, positions a woman on her back with her knees pulled to her chest securing her in. Her partner then unlocks a pin and the wheel rotates in a full 360 degree rotation combining the motion of thrusting and sensation with no batteries required.
If your partner is MIA, you can still have some fun on your own. Minna introduced a new vibrator that becomes more intense the harder you squeeze. It even provides a memory function that records up to 10 seconds of vibration playback that can be played over and over again.
Whatever your pleasure may be, technology is moving at a rapid pace. You can expect more products to come forth throughout the year keeping the tech savvy consumer purchasing items faster than they can be produced. Who knows? Maybe in 2012 our world of reality will be completely virtual.

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