The Real Fantasy in Football

31 Jan
There is one minute left on the clock and the score is tied. Thousands of fans watch as the football is about to be snapped. Sweat is dripping from each and every player knowing that this play could be the end of the game and decide the championship. The players are confident, skilled, strong, and sexy. The play is initiated and the team scores sealing the end of biggest game seven years running. If it wasn’t for the cleavage and booty shorts, fans could have forgotten they were watching women. That’s right… women. I’m not referring to the Super Bowl. I’m talking about the Lingerie Bowl that premiered at Super Bowl half time in 2004. It has grown into a full blown professional league, and this year the final game is at Thomas and Mack in Las Vegas Sunday, February 6th.
If you saw the ladies walking down the street, the last thing that would come to your mind is football. The Lingerie Football League requires beauty, a great body, being marketable, and of course, skills. The league consists of 5 teams for each conference, Eastern and Western. The Eastern Conference is made up of the Philadelphia Passion, Tampa Breeze, Miami Caliente, Baltimore Charm, and Orlando Fantasy. The Western Conference consists of Los Angeles Temptation, Chicago Bliss, San Diego Seduction, Dallas Desire, and Seattle Mist. With names like that it is hard to think of toughness, but these ladies don’t mess around. You can expect to see hard hits, bruising, injuries, and sometimes a wardrobe malfunction. The game is made-up of two 17 minute halves with a 15 minute half-time. The field is 50 yards long by 30 yards wide. Touchdowns are worth 6 points, with extra points in the form of conversion runs or passes, and safeties. Field goals and punting are not allowed. Each team is made up of 14 active players and 6 inactive players.
The season started back in August and the playoffs were this weekend on MTV2. The undefeated Philadelphia Passion went up against the Tampa Breeze with only one loss under their belt to determine the Eastern Conference winners. The undefeated Los Angeles Temptation challenged Chicago Bliss for the Western Conference champs. The winners ended up being Philly and L.A. they will take on each other in Lingerie Bowl VIII February 6th during the Super Bowl half-time. If you want to see this exciting game in person you can get your FREE ticket at and head down to the Thomas & Mack Center. Tailgating starts at noon and the game begins at 3PM. If you would rather watch it from the comfort of your own Super Bowl party, you can tune into the tube and rent it off Pay-Per-View.
The ladies arrive in Las Vegas on February 2nd and are taking over NYNY Resort and Casino. They will be appearing at multiple events including a weekend kickoff party at Rok Nightclub on February 4th and hosting the official after party at Rok Nightclub February 6th. For more information on the league you can check out For a short preview on what to expect, I’ve included a video for your viewing pleasure.

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