Healthy Eats Could Be a Treat

7 Feb
With the pool season being right around the corner, pools are doing their hiring, shops are stocking up on their bikinis, and Victoria’s Secret has sent out the new swimsuit collection catalog. The gyms are filling up with locals working out their bodies to be ready. Most are probably watching their diets to shed off the winter weight and some may even be starving themselves. Appearance is important in this city and no one wants to stay cooped up in their house all spring and summer long. The hardest thing about keeping on the right track is going out. In order to socialize in a fast pace city, many go out to eat to save time on cooking. I’m a freak about eating right whether I’m on a diet or not. I found some places to eat in Vegas that will satisfy your appetite without having to loosen your belt. From fast food to bar food, eating healthy is always an option if you know where to go. 
Red Velvet Café
This may be my favorite place in Las Vegas to eat aside from the fact they don’t serve alcohol. It is a vegan restaurant but offers meat for those who aren’t vegan. Everything is organic, low-fat, and tastes great. Food options include salads, mini pizzas, paninis, rice bowls, and meals. However, the best thing about this place is the desserts. Their selections of cupcakes, including red velvet, and cookies are low calorie but you won’t think it when you’re eating it. 
Brentwood Café and Lounge
Not all local bars are created equal. One of the best reasons to head to a bar is to gorge on some greasy bar food. It’s rare to associate bar food with healthy food, but one of my friends showed me Brentwood Café and Lounge is not like all the others. Their menu is filled with healthy options including spinach salads, vegetarian selections, and high proteins options. It isn’t over priced and the food is cooked to perfection. Located off the beaten path on Warm Springs between Buffalo and Rainbow, this place is a hidden treat that everyone should try out. 
Whole Foods
When most people think of Whole Foods, they probably think grocery store instead of restaurant. But if you have ever walked around the store, there are multiple spots where you can sit down and enjoy a meal from their buffet of vegan, organic, hot, and cold foods. It has stations where you can create your own sandwich, sushi, and pizza along with ice cream for dessert. Okay, that’s not the healthiest option, but Yogurtland is right around corner. 
Mix Zone Café
With a slogan stating “eat healthy eat Thai,” is there anything else that needs to be said? I have not personally tried this place, but the reviews alone make it a must try on my list. The concept is authentic food, spices, produce, and of course, authentic Thai. On top of healthy options to eat (Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay, Grilled Beef Salad), Mix Zone Café offers free Wi-Fi to guests in case you feel like searching your calorie consumption for the day. It is located in the Medical District of Las Vegas, so you know it better be good if it is catering to the medical field. 
Go Raw Café
Go Raw Café is 100% Vegan and organic. In other words, if you’re craving meat, it won’t be satisfied here. If you are looking for some fresh, tasty, and healthy food, this is the place to check out. The café offers wraps, sandwiches, pizza, and salads. It also offers smoothies and juices freshly made to order. The price is well within budget and with two locations in Las Vegas the only excuse not to try it out would be your own. 
The restaurants above are only a few options to check out, but honestly you can eat healthy pretty much at any place. Just remember to avoid fried foods, heavy creams, fatty dressing, and items that have mayo. Most menus carry steamed veggies, wheat options, and low-fat menu items. So if you choose to dine out, dine out wisely instead of indulging and you will be ready for pool season before you know it!

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