Baby Got Back

3 Mar

Dimples are cute until they appear on your rear, legs or arms. The cottage cheese appearance, cellulite, is most common in women. It’s not a medical condition, but the result of a genetic curse or unhealthy habits. It occurs when areas of fat deposits on the body become uneven. Las Vegas pools open next week. You don’t want put on your new bikini and cover it with a wrap, but now you won’t have to.

There are hundreds of lotions, creams and gels that all claim to get rid of cellulite. The products are quick fixes. They won’t cure the problem, but will tighten the skin. Pricing can be outrageous so pick the right one. Check your ingredients and make sure it contains caffeine, seaweed, retinol, or an antioxidant. Apply the product twice a day and after exercising.

Recommendations: St. Ives Cellulite Shield Creme ($8); Korres Black Tea and Verbena Anti Cellulite Cream Gel ($45;; Clarins Total Body Lift ($52)

Approved by the FDA as a nonmedical laser, TriActive will stimulate blood flow and dissolve cellulite fat. It combines a low-energy laser with a mechanical massage. The treatment is painless, but may cause slight bruising. How many treatments you need depends on your level of cellulite. It is a not permanent solution, but maintenance treatments will keep it smooth. I have used TriActive. It helped, but when I stopped the problem came back.

Recommendation: Elite Medical Spa ( Costs vary depending on level of treatment.

Endermologie has been around for a while and is FDA approved. The best way to describe it is a deep tissue massage. The 30-to-45-minute sessions, that involve a special body suit that will be provided, can be painful for some and cause bruising. Make sure to drink lots of water to help flush out the fat. This is my favorite treatment. It works with maintenance sessions and exercise.

Recommendations: Angel Touch Day Spa (; Saffron Day Spa (; Organelle Spa ( Costs vary from $50 to 90 per session.

Infrared Body Wrap
Lay in a bed for an hour, fully clothed, while rubber pads are wrapped around your body. The pads generate infrared energy that penetrates deep into the body and converts into heat. Each time you go you will be measured and weighed to see the results. It gets really hot so prepare to sweat. Each session is around $55, but cheaper with packages. It also reduces water weight when you’re bloated. For more info, check out Let’s Wrap at

Cellulite treatments work with a proper diet and plenty of exercise. Just make sure to shop around for the best price. If you have any questions contact me at

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