Party All Week Long

7 Mar
I attended the Nightclub & Bar Convention three years ago. I had a horrible hangover. My stomach was not prepared to taste all the new liquors and mixes. The next year I worked the convention and didn’t get to taste anything. This year, the convention is back. I’ll taste the new liquors at the after-parties, which means hangover at work the next day… perfect! I have friends coming into town and staying the entire week. I will attend every party with them and act like a tourist. Thank goodness the Nightclub & Bar Convention is once a year. If you care to join in on the fun here are my plans to party all week long. 
Not to be confused with the launch party at The Bank last night, the kick-off party is tonight at Haze. The Nightclub & Bar Convention begins on Tuesday so everyone attending will most likely be hurting (I warned you). Devotion Vodka is the official sponsor. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is hosting the NCB show so you may see him fist-pumping on the dance floor. Three`6 Mafia is set to perform, but I don’t know if I’ll make it that long. Honestly, I’ll probably be passed out in a booth somewhere. 
Pure is serving a triple whammy with Beam’s Cruzan 9 Rum, MillerCoors, and Absolut‘s new Wild Tea. I’m pretty pumped about the Absolut. It is an “exotic blend of teas and elderflower.” I’ll take it on the rocks. I’ll have one (or two) then head on over to Body English. No, I’m not drunk right now. Body English is opening back up for one night. Jose Tradicional is giving out complimentary cocktails from 11:00 p.m. to 2 a.m. I can only imagine the effects of mixing vodka and tequila, but I’m not one to turn down a free drink. 
The last night to party has to be the biggest one… just my luck. I have to stop by Surrender first. There is an open bar for industry locals along with DJ Rick Rude. Once I get my buzz on, my friends and I will head to The Cosmopolitan. Marquee is opening its door to celebrate Nightclub & Bar’s Hot 100 nightclub in the U.S. Avicii will be spinning his hit, “My Feelings for You.” Hopefully by that time, the only thing I will be feeling is my pillow. 
I’m putting down the bottle. I’m planning on calling IV Rescue before I head back into work to cure my three-day hangover. It’s only open Fri-Sun, but they will have to make an exception.  My friends will be flying home while another one will be arriving. Too bad my cell phone won’t be working during that time — because I plan on turning it off for rest and recovery.

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