Angels Among Us

21 Mar

I have a few select shows that I watch online when I need my prime time fix. Last week I hoped for a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but alas, it was a rerun. I was about to click out of, until an advertisement caught my eye. A new show called Secret Millionaire had premiered. The concept is of a millionaire that decides to go “undercover” to a poor city and act as a volunteer to help the community. After getting to know multiple charities, the millionaire decides to donate their own money to help. Honestly, my description does not give it justice. I was emotionally affected by how amazing the people are fighting to help their community. It inspired me to check out charities in Las Vegas and spread the word. I found 3194 listed charities on Charity Vault for Las Vegas alone, and it would be impossible to list every one of them, so I decided to list ones that might not be prominently known.

The Lili Claire Foundation
3540 West Sahara Ave., #182 Las Vegas, NV 89102  702-862-8141

On Oct. 18, 1997, Keith and Leslie Litt Resnick gave birth to Lili Claire. Not long after Lili’s birth, she was sadly diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, neurogenetic birth condition that causes lifelong cognitive disabilities and medical challenges. Lili Claire passed away at only 5 1/2 months old. The Resnicks founded The Lili Claire Foundation in their daughter’s honor providing hope and support to children and families dealing with a neurogentic condition. You can help support the foundation by donating, volunteering or sponsoring a family. To see the impact it makes in Las Vegas, attend the Lili Claire Spring Fling at Town Square on April 7-10.

The Shade Tree
1 West Owens, North Las Vegas, NV 89030 702-382-0072
In 2010, according to Channel 8 News, there were 60,000 domestic abuse emergency calls in Las Vegas. Only 5,300 victims went through assessment and 61 percent didn’t want to press charges against their partner in fear. Many women are unaware of a place where their family and pets can go to where they can be safe and protected. That place is called The Shade Tree. A shelter established back in 1990 to help women that are victims of domestic abuse, homelessness, mental disabilities, gang violence, elder abuse, and poor income. The Shade Tree helps the victims reestablish their lives through education, shelter and employment support. Las Vegas locals can help by volunteering their time at the center, donating money or a car, or by attending one of their upcoming events.

Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary
PO Box 30158, Las Vegas, NV 89173 702-227-5555
Unfortunately, human beings aren’t the only ones that face suffering, illness, and death. Thousands of animals are abandoned and abused every year in Las Vegas due to irresponsibility and economic hardships. These animals end up on the streets or a pound leading the number of deaths to 30,000 last year. Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary is working hard to lower that number by providing an animal sanctuary where they are sprayed and neutered, rehabilitated, and placed in permanent homes. The sanctuary also focuses on educating the community about pet ownership responsibility and creating events.

TIP of Southern Nevada
Trauma Intervention Programs, Inc. PO Box 93203, Las Vegas, NV 89193  702-288-0906
Imagine being a hero to a person going through a traumatic experience by offering emotional support, helping to notify their friends and family, and arranging for needed shelter, transportation, and food. You don’t have to be licensed therapist or medic; all you have to be is their friend. The national organization was founded in 1985 and started the Las Vegas chapter in 1994. Serving Clark County, it is the busiest chapter in the nation. TIP offers emotional training courses to volunteers willing to donate their time for on call trauma response. Volunteers are schedule for a six-hour on-call time where police officers, firefighters, and EMTs will call when someone is in need of emotional support. Locals can donate money to the organizations or donate their hearts and change one person’s life by simply being there for them.

Family Promise of Las Vegas
PO Box 270128 Las Vegas, NV 89127-4128 702-638-8806
When the economy fell in the United States, Las Vegas was hit hard. Thousands of people lost their jobs resulting in families being left homeless and nowhere to go. Family Promise of Las Vegas was established back in 1996 to help families with at least one child regain their lives and dignity back by providing shelter, counseling, and support. Their 30-day program has helped over 80 percent of their referred families move back into their own housing and start a new life with the help through donations and volunteers. Volunteers help fix and deliver food to families along with general chores. Donations help purchase new vans, household goods, maintenance, and fuel.

There are known charities that help the community such as,,,,, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley,, and more. You don’t have to be a millionaire to help. All you really need is time. It takes one person to makes a difference, and that person could be you. I will keep updated events for charities on my Agent 21 Facebook Fan page. Feel free to comment and inform readers of any other charities helping the Las Vegas community.

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