Las Vegas May be Dumb, but We’re Cooler than You

24 Mar

There are hundreds of rankings done per year in regards to cities in America and the world. Las Vegas is listed on nine out of 10 surveys, and it seems that everyone has a different opinion. Whether the city is good or bad, at least we made it to the top either way.

In August 2010, Forbes ranked Las Vegas as “The Coolest City in America.” Okay, we tied with New York City, but that is a pretty awesome honor. Forbes based the ranking off of how much nightlife the city had to offer, entertainment, sports and people’s personal opinions.

Cool doesn’t mean the same as fun. pushed Las Vegas all the way to No. 26 in 100 Fun Cities in America. Really? Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and Providence, R.I. beat us. Maybe they need to listen to Orbitz and take a vacation. Portfolio based its rankings off of food, fashion, and energy.

Many tourists are enticed by the city’s entertainment and glamorous lifestyle. Eventually some come back to stay for good. That is probably the reason why Las Vegas ranked No. 3 in “Top Places to Live” on the Harris Poll. The Harris Poll surveys 2,620 adults online. Las Vegas moved up five spots from the previous year. Take that,!

There have been a lot of debates regarding Las Vegas’ education system. Basically the Las Vegas’ education system sucks. Las Vegas was ranked the dumbest city in America by the Daily Beast. We actually fell in comparison to last year where we were second from the bottom. The Daily Beast gave Vegas an IQ score of 3.33 … ouch! Only 14 percent of the population has a bachelor’s degree. Well who needs a college degree when you can make just as much money being a bartender, cocktailer, or valet?

I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear one of my friends tell me how stressed they are. Half of the time I’m wondering, “How?” Blame it on the city. Forbes compiled the list by using unemployment rates, commute times, working hours, limited health care, poor physical health and low exercise rates. The combination resulted as Las Vegas being “America’s Most Stressful City.” That may be why Las Vegas ranked No. 10 on Daily Beast’s American Cities with Smoking Problems. In regards to limited health care and poor physical health, someone got their information wrong. According to Daily Beast Vegas ranks No. 4 for the Least Injured City due to the fact 76.7 percent overall have health care coverage.

Las Vegas is going to need that health care coverage if they want to drink the city’s water. A recent survey conducted by Data 360 showed Las Vegas as having the third-worst city water and North Las Vegas as the fifth. Perhaps that’s why we opt to drink alcohol ranking us at No. 10 for the Drunkest City by Daily Beast.
Considering the Real World partied in Las Vegas, twice, and MTV chose us for Spring Break this year, somehow we still ranked No. 3 as in the Top 25 Dangerous Cities for Spring Break by Avvo based the stat off of violent crimes, murders, rapes and fatal car crash. Obviously it didn’t see that ranked Las Vegas as No. 2 for 2011 Top Spring Break Destinations. Perhaps Avvo should stick to ranking lawyers and doctors.

Honestly, unless the review about drinking, partying, gambling, or fun times, Las Vegas ranks pretty low. We suck at finding love, our economy is the fifth worst, we have too much vacancy in apartments and homes, and the list goes on and on. Don’t get discouraged Las Vegas. Anyone can judge a book by its cover, but unless they know the ins and outs, we are the lucky ones that get to enjoy all that the city has to offer.

One Response to “Las Vegas May be Dumb, but We’re Cooler than You”

  1. Sara March 26, 2011 at 7:37 pm #

    This is so true! All I hear about stressful their jobs are and all the vacant buildings… so sad!

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