Easter Sunday Falls on Monday

28 Mar

Okay, not really. That was an April Fool’s Day joke my grandpa used to tell the family every year thinking one year we would actually believe it. I’ll admit, I fell for it… once. April Fool’s Day is this Friday and I expect my gullibility to be tested. I have set a reminder of April Fool’s Day so this year I won’t be labeled a fool. Here is some history behind the hilarious holiday and a few harmless pranks to play on some of your friends.

April Fool’s Day dates back to 1582 in France. King Charles IX reformed the calendar and moved New Year’s Day from April 1 to January 1. Many people were unaware of the change and those who did know rebelled against it still celebrating the holiday on its traditional day. The general population made fun of the people, calling them “fools”. They would mock the fools by inviting them to nonexistent “New Year” parties. Over time April Fool’s Day became an international holiday with the spread of French and English into the Americas. Other countries celebrate the holiday in different ways. In Scotland, it is known as “Taily Day” which is where the “kick me” sign originated from. In Rome, it is celebrated on March 25 as Roman Laughing Day.

Pranks to Play

Fake Ink: A great way to freak out your significant other or parents is to get “inked”. Presenting a fake tattoo on the 1st will surely get a rise out of your victim.

Bump in the Road: Place some bubble wrap in front of the tires of your victim’s car. When they roll over it, they will think they have run over something.

You’re Late: Change the clocks an hour ahead to make your victim think they are late for work, appointment, or school.

Cheap Shot: Take a quarter and glue it to the ground in a busy walking area. Sit back and watch to see how many people try to pick it up.

Push or Pull: Switch the push or pull signs on the office door.

Special Treat: Find a box about the size of a cake. Cover it with frosting and put it on the counter and see how many people try cutting into it.

No matter what prank you decide to play, try to keep it classy. The old “I’m pregnant” trick is never a fun one to play, especially if you aren’t that serious with your man. Make sure you keep your office pranks to a minimum as well; it wouldn’t be a good joke to get fired! Lastly, try not be a labeled a “fool.”

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