Getting Pampered

13 Jun

Everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation in their lives. In a city that causes stress on your body, emotions, and overall lifestyle, it’s important to pay it back. Perhaps that’s the reason we have endless options of day spas, medical spas, and salons. The International Esthetic, Cosmetic and Spa Convention is being held this weekend in Las Vegas introducing new treatments and techniques to improve our bodies and relax our minds. Until those new specialties are brought on the market, here are my recommendations to try in Las Vegas to pamper your hair, body, and soul.

Keratin Smoothing Therapy
I use to have gorgeous hair. It was full and long with natural curls that would spring up or lay down depending how I styled it. Then I moved to Vegas and the hard water, dry dirty air has left my hair broken, dry, and my curls are frizzy waves. After trying about four different salons, I finally found my hair home at Blo Salon on the corner of Flamingo and Durango. Anna Nichols was the first stylist I found in Las Vegas that was able to get me the color I wanted in less than 30 minutes. As I have mentioned before, time is essential to me so that had me sold alone. Her assistant, Jessica is amazing and they both are so personable and friendly. They mentioned the Keratin Smoothing Therapy for my hair since it’s wavy. I had heard a lot about it from friends and other stylists, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it. There wasn’t one person I talked to that said anything bad about it. In fact, it was raved about. There has been some controversy around it regarding one ingredient, formaldehyde, causing cancer, but Keratin Complex doesn’t contain it. It’s a simple process. I went in and got “clarified” first and then the product is applied. Anna and Jessica both worked on me at the same time so the process of blowing it out and flat ironing went very quickly. If there was only one person, it would have taken a long time. I was instructed not to wash my hair for three days, and I can’t get it wet. Once I wash it out, it will air dry straight. No more flat ironing. If I choose to blow it out for volume, it will be a quicker process. The treatment can last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on how curly your hair is and how fast it grows. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my hair since I did it and it just feels healthier.

Blo Salon is offering a 25% off discount for anyone that mentions the blog off the Keratin Smoothing Treatment with Anna. The price starts at $200 and will vary depending on how much hair you have. That’s actually a lower price than the average and with the discount, it will be well worth it. Anna has been a professional stylist for 13 years and is an expert in extensions as well. The word on the street is that Blo is the best place for extensions and the most affordable. She is coming out with her own line of hair product called Bomb Hair. To book an appointment call 702-823-2210 and check out Blo Salon online.

Desert Solace Facial Treatment
Not to mention what the desert does to my hair, my skin gets so dry here I can go through a bottle of lotion in a week. My skin just soaks up any moisture it can get so you can imagine the damage it does to my skin. I love facials, but I can only treat myself every so often. One treatment I recommend is the Desert Solace Facial Treatment at Zen Skin on Ft. Apache and Hacienda. This is one of my favorite places to go because Lois, the esthetician, is so nice and I feel like I’m going to see a friend verses going to an appointment. It is a double-step, triple mask process and restores your complexion and moisture with intense re-hydration. The facial is $110 and lasts for 75 minutes. Your skin will feel amazing and have a new glow to it. It is well worth the price and time for relaxation. The salon hours vary so the best way to book is online at It is great for scheduling because if something pops up you can just login and reschedule when needed.

Hot Spiced Rum Stone Massage
Going to a spa on the strip can be pricey, but a lot of them offer a locals discount that makes the luxurious treatments and atmosphere well worth it. The Bathhouse at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay has been honored numerous times as one of Las Vegas’ best spas and most likely due to its unique treatments. If you are looking for a massage to relax your mind and body, try the Hot Spiced Rum Stone Massage. Hot stones are used to relieve tension and smooth your body with a mix of cinnamon, clove, and arnica oils. For 50 minutes you can lay and relax as a professional masseuse gives you an incredible treatment. The price is $180, but locals will receive 15% off their first treatment Sundays through Thursdays.

Fire & Ice Pedicure
The M Resort only opened a few years ago off St. Rose Parkway and the I-15. It caters to Las Vegas locals with amazing specials and affordable prices. Spa Mio is included in its specials offering 25% off to locals seven days a week. One special this summer is the Fire & Ice Pedicure for $70 and locals can use the discount on top of the already low price. Treat your feet to a seaweed bath followed by a relaxing foot massage. A special mentholated gel mask is applied to leave your little piggies feeling refreshed to take on another night of stilettos.

Now that I am covered from head to toe in relaxation I am ready to take on another work week and perhaps a little fun!

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