Cheaters Never Prosper

16 Jun

One of the rules of life that has been written in history before Christ or whatever religious belief one may hold is, “thou shall not commit adultery.” Throughout time women have been the focus of cheating. The punishment may have been wearing a scorn “A” across her chest, being stoned to death, or killings that are honored by specific cultures. The focus shifted to the men after the scandal of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. And who can forget the infamous Clinton and Monica Lewinsky cigar or Tiger Woods and his 20 girlfriends? How about the Arnold Schwarzenegger love child? I mean that just peaks the creep factor. The latest media attention is now focusing on Anthony Weiner where sexting took cheating to a whole other level. I can say I have never cheated. I’m too loyal to those I have committed too, but I can’t say I have never been cheated on or found myself caught in a love triangle I was unaware of. I never judge anyone for the things they do, everyone has their reasons and nobody is perfect.

Sin City is to blame for many cheaters being the center of temptation from strip clubs to prostitution. Not to mention, the city holds some of the world’s hottest people, mixing that with alcohol and networking, a lot of mistakes can happen. However, ranked Las Vegas No. 14 as the best cities for couples. One website, was mentioned in the media just yesterday and has already drawn the attention of hundreds of viewers. It’s hard to believe that people have that much time on their hands to post all of the detailed information. There are tons of people on there from Las Vegas, more women than men. There is a fine line between exposing the truth and creating slander. I remember one site back in the day called, that received a lot of controversy and complaints stating a lot of the postings were lies. The site is now a database filled with tips and advice on how to find out if your man is cheating.

Call me crazy, but if you are constantly questioning your partner’s loyalty, perhaps you shouldn’t be in the relationship. There are different levels of cheating; flirting, physical or emotionally. Either way cheating can cause irreparable damage to a relationship and a person’s self-esteem. The top reason according to studies, for cheating is lack of sex. Lack of sex leads into not feeling desirable and it only takes one source of flattery to boost a person’s ego. Others mention revenge issues and opportunity.

Whatever the reason may be, there are signs to look for other then going through someone’s phone (Pandora’s Box) or waiting for him/her to pop up on an episode of Cheaters. There is physical detection such as, a woman’s voice will be higher in pitch when lying and a man’s voice will seem lower in pitch. Also, most people tend to look to the left when lying. Lying requires a person to access the creative mind, which is on the left side of the brain. Also, intuition is a great source. If you have a strong feeling something is going on and you haven’t cheated yourself, there is probably a reason for it. I found out my ex cheated the moment his opinions on cheating changed and the way he kissed me. Being with someone for a while you know every aspect of how they touch, kiss, smell and if something is all of a sudden different… well… When people start cheating they often feel guilty so they may become distant or overly affectionate. Also once a cheater, usually always a cheater especially if that is how the relationship started.

Some people have a tendency to over analyze and look for signs even when they aren’t there. Please, by no means do I expect anyone to read this and freak out. Just follow your heart. They may be your own sign that you no longer want the relationship. It is hard to change and get out of comfortable situations. Just remember, you only live one life. Go for what you deserve. “Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.” – Sex and the City

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