Agent 21 Spotlight: Boys of Summer

23 Jun

Josh Strickland

Success comes in all shapes and forms in Las Vegas. A person can rise to the top or fall harder than before they arrived. These eight local men of Sin City have gone against the odds and with ambition and drive, not to mention charming good looks, have made an impact in either marketing, business, or performance. Far from the stereotypical Vegas guy, these gentlemen appreciate hard work. Separate from success and looks, each has a kindness and respect that makes them unique and that is why I chose them to be featured this month.  Here are my “boys of summer” listed in alphabetical order.

Jack Colton

Who are the most beautiful people in Las Vegas? Who is the top socialite or top model? How do I get into a club? Who is the best host to go through? What do I wear? These questions can be answered all by one man who has earned his claim as nightlife’s no. 1 resource under one website, Born in Las Vegas, Jack’s family relocated to Oklahoma where he got on the Internet bandwagon making an impact at only age 16. At age 19, he became the youngest member of the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, serving on multiple state tourism committees. In 2003, he decided to take on bigger challenges and relocated back to Las Vegas. Determination and ambition made him grow and now his name can be tied in with multiple events and contests in the nightlife industry.

A21: Growing up in a Midwest state, was it hard to adjust back into Vegas or did you fall in love with the city again right away?
JC: There wasn’t too much adjustment as far as Oklahoma verses Vegas goes. When I moved back out here in 2003, I was a shy 20 year old kid who definitely needed to get away from a lot of the BS that goes with living in Oklahoma. Las Vegas delivered what I needed in spades.

Past that, one of the most appropriate things my parents always told my sister and I about Las Vegas was that “it isn’t really a place, it’s a state of mind.” I feel like this is true for anyone who has ever lived or visited here in that ‘Vegas’ means something totally different from one person to the next.

Tourists come here with the snarky “Vegas, Baby” attitude, frequent visitors play here because Las Vegas allows them to temporarily be someone they really want to be, new residents move here with the hope of a fresh start, and Las Vegas natives tend to treat the city as an oyster where everything is about who you know. I think I’ve seen it from all of those perspectives at one time or another, and I’ve always had an “anything goes, as long as it’s done right” mentality. I guess that means love!

A21:  What was your first job in Las Vegas?
JC: I actually had two and I was equally terrible at both! One was setting up stages and equipment for the shows at MGM Grand’s Grand Garden Arena and the other was as a flyer promoter for Seven Nightclub.
My career at MGM Grand kind of, um, hit a wall when I fell off of a 20ish feet scaffolding tower! At the nightclub, my talents were put to better use in the marketing department of the club as I wore the hat of the graphic designer, special events coordinator, fielded press inquiries, met with a lot of the (often times scummy) independent hosting companies, and helped interview the revolving door of street promoters. You’d be surprised how many people with college degrees apply to pass out shit on Las Vegas Blvd in the blistering summer heat.

A21: What inspired you to create
JC: Seeing how much total crap there is about Las Vegas nightlife online. If you didn’t know better, there are a lot of websites out there that would have you believe yourself to be sitting in a dark trash covered alley without the paid ‘help’ of their VIP services. I wanted to put out a website that told people what they needed to know without trying to pressure them into buying something.

A21: What should visitors expect when they come to your site?
JC: The point of is to help people be fully aware of what they are getting into in the various aspects of Las Vegas nightlife. Dress codes, drink prices, club schedules, direct contacts, and everything else needed to plan things without the help of someone else. And if a nightlife concierge is what they have in mind, that’s completely fine, here is what to expect from them.

Additionally, we have a very popular public forum on the site ( where over 6,500 members exchange personal advice, make connections, and hype one another up about what to expect in Las Vegas.

A21: You work with multiple hosts and list them on your site, how did you decide these are the best to work with in a city that has hundreds to choose from?
JC: The host contacts are chosen for a number of factors, sometimes at the direction of nightclub marketing departments, but the most important requirement is that they are able to provide the best service possible to our site users. And since that means making table reservations actually stick, most of our featured hosts are usually senior level or borderline management.

Reputation is a big part of it too. If a host turns out to be largely unpopular amongst our visitors and receives too many complaints, they are removed and replaced immediately. No exceptions, the clubs have no say in the matter.

A21: How do you choose the people you feature in your well-known “lists?”
JC: Depending on the list, we have open nominations through the website, will directly poll people throughout the nightlife industry, have online voting, or base the lists on the opinions of a panel of judges. They are all actually handled pretty differently.

A case example would be the “Best Independent Host” category in our Host Awards. If we had left it up to online voting, the winner would have just been whichever company blasted their database. Instead, I sent the podium managers of every major nightclub and pool in town an open questionnaire that had them write in who sent them the most business and had the best overall reputation. What came through were results that we wouldn’t have been able to know otherwise, and that correctly awarded the companies and individuals that deserved the accolades.

Taking things one step further, I always personally invite anyone who feels that we could have done a better job with any list to be constructively involved in future lists. We can’t always be perfect with these things, so I’d like to have as much relevant input as possible to improve our future events.

A21: You have been in the Vegas nightlife industry for eight years now. You have been able to watch it grow and expand. How to do feel about the industry now verses back when you first started?
JC: I feel very privileged to have had a front row seat in the growth of Las Vegas nightlife over the past 8 years and am proud of where we are as an industry. We have some of the highest-grossing venues on earth, rosters of residencies featuring the most celebrated DJs in existence, and our cocktail waitresses are pretty damned hot!

A21: You have a large group of friends visiting from out of town, where is the one spot you make sure to take them?
JC: I’m going to pull a political diversion technique and avoid answering this question. Shots of Patron anyone? In all seriousness, everything depends on what people want to get into. XS and Marquee are unquestionably the big two right now, with XS having an often times prettier crowd and Marquee being more of a jump up and down kind of party. And since we have so many other amazing places for people to go, it totally depends on the night and what the group prefers.

There are a lot of people who wouldn’t be caught dead in a major nightclub, others who only want the newest and best, some who want the convenience of wanting to stumble upstairs to their hotel room, and, in plenty of cases, those who just want to be able to get in easily and maybe find a deal on a table.

My biggest piece of advice is always to figure out which of those is you, and then plan ahead so you don’t land somewhere that doesn’t suit your tastes.

A21: Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
JC: I looked in the mirror the other day to find wrinkles growing on the eyes of a 28 year old kid, meaning I’m now older but I don’t feel terribly different than I did when I was all of 15. I still wake up every day with a childlike view of the world, I ride my bicycle most places when possible, put others first 90% of the time, am not impressed with the trivial, and plot out ridiculous new businesses and ways to grow those I have.

In 5 years I expect I’ll probably be this exact same person, regardless of what financial fortunes may or may not exist. There are a lot of people struggling in the world right now, and I’m just happy to be able to be doing something I enjoy.

Jason “JROC” Craig 

There aren’t many in Las Vegas that does not recognize the name “JROC.” Being a Las Vegas socialite and top leader for 9 Group, JROC is behind some of the Palms’ biggest parties. Originally from Los Angeles, he served for the Unites States Marine Corp Reserves where he was stationed in Iraq for a year Relocating to Las Vegas he found his way into the nightlife industry starting off as a bar porter and moved up in the ranks to a bartender for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. When Playboy Club in opened in 2006 he moved to the Palms. Eventually he got into the marketing side as a Junior VIP Host. It wasn’t long until he was promoted as Lead VIP Host and Marketing Manager. His upbeat personality and social skills took him to the top of the socialite ladder. He is now the Director of Special Operations for 9 Group at Palms Casino and Resort.

A21: What was your experience for the United States Marine Corp Reserves in Iraq?
JC: It was extremely tough mentally and physically but helped mold me into the man I am today.

A21: What made you decide to move to Las Vegas?
JC: My dad moved us out here for work when I was in high school.

A21: Was bartending your first job in Las Vegas?
JC: I’ve lived here on and off since high school so bartending was not my first job, being a lifeguard at Wet n Wild was my first real job.

A21: Why did you decide to give your bartending shoes and move to marketing?
JC: When I started in the business I knew I wanted to be a VIP host. It was an easy decision for me.

A21: Did you question your decision at after working the hours of a VIP Host?
JC: No, I welcomed the hours, my girlfriend didn’t. (LOL) I was making more money bartending, but I knew that becoming a host wasn’t going to be easy.

A21: Director of Special Operations is a great position, what exactly does your job entail?
JC: I work with all the different departments of the nightlife division. My main job duties entail Marketing, VIP Services, Promotion, Customer development, and Advertising.

A21: What party has been your best so far work wise?
JC: DJ Pauly D residency for many reasons.

A21: What are future goals in Las Vegas?
JC: To run my own nightlife company.

A21: What is a “must-do” in the summer when you have some free time?
JC: Miami!

A21: Do have any desire to leave Vegas and take over another city?
JC: Yes and No. I love Cali and will probably end up there but I’m happy in Las Vegas… for now.

Josh Strickland

His performance resume is extensive with a long list of appearances and castings. Josh Strickland currently appears as featured singer in Peepshow at Planet Hollywood. Originating from Charleston, South Carolina he studied voice at the College of Charleston. His schooling paid off and his strong, rich vocals got him to the national finals on American Idol in season two. Relocating to New York City, he created the leading role in Disney’s Tarzan The Broadway Musical, had multiple guest performances on talk shows and a casting role on All My Children. After touring with the hit Broadway show, Rent and receiving an award for Outstanding Individual Performance in Play It Cool, he relocated to Las Vegas in 2009. Josh co-stars on E! Holly’s World and has recently released two singles, Report to the Floor and Last Dance.

A21: Have you had a job outside of performing?
JS: Yes, I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch before getting Tarzan on Broadway.

A21: Would you say being a singer was a profession you always wanted to do or more of a discovery?
JS: It was something that I have always had a passion for, got my first microphone at 5 years old.

A21: How was the adjustment relocating from a southern city to New York City?
JS: It was quite the challenge, but I found myself more in love with it each day. I found that I am a big city boy and country at heart and always enjoy the trips back home.

A21: Landing a role on Broadway is a dream of many, but you accomplished it. How did you get there and how would someone achieve that dream?
JS: I just made the move to NYC and gave it a try. I was lucky that I was given a chance by Disney, but it was always something I wanted to do, so I never gave up, even if I was told “NO.” Someone is going to say yes.

A21: You’ve been in Vegas for a couple of years, where’s your favorite place to hang?
JS: We love to go to Town Square, and then out to a lot of local fun restaurants, love XS and Tryst and Gallery Nightclubs and just hanging at each other’s houses.

A21: Being on a reality TV show, is it hard to let viewers follow your life?
JS: It’s a little weird but I don’t find it hard. I’m a very open person, even to my friends, so why no share it with the world. (LOL)

A21: Is it hard adjusting from stage to TV and now recording a single?
JS: Not so much because it’s all under the same umbrella, entertainment. I also still get to perform on stage every night in PEEPSHOW.

A21: What made you decide what genre of music you wanted to record?
JS: I actually just follow what I jive with and what feels good. I’m not going to just stick with one, I love all kinds of music, and it’s what feels right.

A21:  What are your plans for this summer?
JS: Work, Work and more work. I am going to still be in PEEPSHOW as long as they will have me, but also venture and perform some of my singles at clubs and what not. Hang at pools and enjoying time with friends and family.

A21: What are your future plans for your music or acting career?
JS: I hope to continue with Holly’s World and hopefully have a spinoff just like Holly (Madison) did. I owe her everything and the sky is the limit, as I have learned from her, so I’m just along for the ride. It’s going to take me on.

Keith White

For someone that is required to party at all the amazing events he planned, Keith White knew he had to help find a way to cure his hangover’s and get back on the partying horse. Originally from Boston, Keith came to Las Vegas to help a friend promote a new clothing line. Already dealing with promotional models he joined 944 to assist in unique ways of getting the magazine out. As fate would have it, he landed a job as event coordinator during its 1-year anniversary. He eventually grew as Entertainment Director for Wendoh Media being the creator of some of Las Vegas’ biggest events. Having to return to office early to plan the next, Keith found a way to cure his hangovers by creating his latest endeavor, IV Rescue.

A21: Originally working in IT and now in being the nightlife side, do you miss the slower pace or enjoy life in the fast lane? 
KW: Fast lane for sure although there’s days I wish I started working on events in my younger years. Burning the candle at both ends will catch up with all of us more so these days for me.

A21: Did you expect your life to head in the direction it did when you moved to Las Vegas?
KW: Not at all, then again I didn’t expect to be in Las Vegas or decidedly change my career either but it’s funny how it all works itself out.

A21: Creating multiple events and keeping each one unique, where do you get your inspiration from?
KW: Inspiration? I’d rather say motivation. I made the offhand comment to a VP at the Cosmo the other day that there was a point when I was looking down from my hotel room at a big concert/event I was throwing and thought to myself that a number of people were going to get laid tonight and that I was a big part of making that happen. It made me feel good and funny enough motivated…

A21: Which party have you created that you felt was your best at this point?
KW: There’s a bunch but 944 Magazine’s Anniversary parties in the early years we’re the best… a ton of events, talent and parties… the three year was special because the Hard Rock had no idea that our Three Year logo was the “shocker” until a week before the event.

A21: Explain to me what IV Rescue is and how we party goers benefit from it?
KW: Well if you ever seen anyone getting escorted from a club or pool in a wheel chair the eventually end up in an ambulance where the EMT’s give them IV’s to sober and rehydrate. IV Solutions (there’s a number of different kinds) are given to patients to rehydrate and it’s the quickest way to do so. It goes without saying that the majority of us have experienced a hangover and its symptoms; dry mouth, headache, sensitivity to light and sound and nausea. Those symptoms are reactions from your body that you’re dehydrated.

A21: How do I go about getting an IV after a long night of partying?
KW: Make an appointment of course! Preferably before you go out as my staff is either busy attending other clients or busy in general. I’ve had to turn down a number of folks simply because I don’t have the staff available to accommodate everyone.

A21: Since I will feel amazing after, how long should I wait before I decide to hit the bottle again?
KW: I’ve had the same client call me every morning for four days straight. While I’m not condoning that sort of excess in alcohol you certainly can drink directly afterwards. We’re simply rehydrating the individual, it’s important for that person to eat and drink other liquids to get the nutrients they need.

A21: Where is your favorite place to party at in Las Vegas?
KW: Ha! All of them… can’t be showing preferences but there’s times I find myself in odd places like Bonnie Ranch Springs or the Mt. Charleston lodge those places always make me laugh. Besides it’s the company I’m in that makes the party for me and less of where I’m at.

A21: What’s your favorite summer activity?
KW: Riding beach cruisers in Venice Beach popping around local bars…

A21: Where would like to see yourself in 5 years?
KW: With IV Rescue in at least three other markets and me on a beach cruiser in Venice Beach.

Patrick Brennan

This Las Vegas native has been able to see Las Vegas hotel and nightlife industry grow being part of a family that owns the historic Best Western Mardi Gras Hotel and Casino. Patrick Brennan gained his knowledge through studying and hands-on experience. After attending Arizona State for his undergrad, he returned to Las Vegas and completed his Masters in Hospitality Administration. He has learned from the family business, branched into residential sales with City Center and gained nightlife experience with Angel Management Group. He currently is back into the hotel and casino side being the Casino Marketing & Strategic Planner for Mardi Gras Hotel and Casino. Working on catering to the locals and new marketing options, you can expect to his presence grow as well.

A21: What was your first job in Vegas? 
PB: Working for my family at the Mardi Gras Hotel and Casino. I did everything from bussing table to cleaning rooms. I started from the ground up.

A21: How did you get into the marketing side?
PB: When I returned from Arizona State and started working on my Masters, I worked with City Center in residential sales. I learned selling opportunities from the residential side and that incorporates into hotels and casino sales.

A21: You previously worked for AMG, how did you transition into the nightlife?
PB: I had a year left in school and besides from going out, I wanted to experience that side as well. I spoke with Alex Cordova and started with AMG as a VIP Marketing Host managing the front door, reservations, and seating placement. After a year, I decided to leave the nightlife industry and go back to the casino marketing side.

A21: Tell me about Mardi Gras Hotel and Casino.
PB: It’s a historic venue that was built during the 70’s, during the casino boom era. It is a small, intimate casino that has been kept up and renovated. We have enough employees that focus on one and one relationships with our guests. We have a ton of locals that come to hang out in bar and dining areas as well.

A21: In your experience, what is the difference in being a casino host verses a nightclub host?
PB: It’s going towards the next generation about combining the techniques behind both and creating stronger marketing aspects. Casino hosts are responsible for knowing how much their guests spend, how long they stay, which cocktail server they prefer, what they drink and eat verses booking reservations through a Blackberry. So where I am is not about defining it as casino host, but hotel hosts.

A21: Can you define to me what exactly a hotel host is?
PB: In our hotel, we only have 50 slot machines, so it’s not beneficial to us to have casino hosts, so we came up with hotel hosts. Think of it as like as an ambassador to the hotel, making sure each guest is taken care in whatever they need and still reaping the rewards.

A21: What are the future plans for Mardi Gras Hotel and Casino?
PB: We are waiting out the recession as of now, but there are talks of renovating into a boutique hotel and bringing back what people focused on back in the 70’s or tearing it down completely and building a new hotel.

A21: Being a part of Vegas and seeing how trends have grown and changed, where do you see the direction of the hotel and casino industry heading towards? Do you think it will stay “bigger is better” or gear towards the smaller scale?
PB: I think it is heading toward an intimate smaller scale with only 650-900 hotel rooms with the ability to give a better dynamic experience. In Vegas that is considered small. The Hard Rock started off with 650-700 rooms, smaller venues and it was a huge hit. You have to create something unique for off-strip especially off Paradise with the surrounding areas like Firefly, Howard Hughes.

A21: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
PB: In Las Vegas working with my family in the casino industry growing more into the boutique hotel side of things.

A21: Well considering its summer, what are going to be doing to enjoy it?
PB: Doing what I’m doing today, taking my wakeboard and boat out to Lake Mead.

Sal Wise

The college years are the party years and when Sal Wise left Orange County to attend UNLV he experienced it all. Being one of the original team players, he started off his summer interning and partying with Friday Night Live and the endless open bars. After graduation he was hired and began collaborating on all the fabulous events. Time went by and soon he left to join Angel Management Group taking on the event planning and marketing side. Working with AMG’s multiple venues, he has been responsible for taking care of the elite and making sure the job gets done. Consider him the jack of all trades but not forgetting to have some fun in the Sin City party scene.

A21: What made you decide to attend UNLV?
SW: I came to UNLV to play soccer for the Running Rebels.

A21: Was it your plan to eventually land in a job in Vegas or was it fate?
SW: One thing leads to another and before I knew it I was getting my Masters in nightlife from the best in the city.

A21: What is your best memory from a summer you worked at
SW: I started in December and by the time summer came around I was ready to launch Friday night Live at the Hard Rock. Those concerts were amazing.

A21: How did you find out about the internship and how did you land it?
SW: My friend, Richard Alexander, introduced me to David Burns and I never looked back.

A21: Is it different working for AMG verses working with multiple venues? 
SW: At AMG I get the best of both worlds… lots of work and lots of venues.

A21: What has been your favorite event up to this point?
SW: “Tiesto in Concert” at The Joint and F*** Me I’m Famous! at Wet Republic.

A21: You book a lot of talent, who would be the one person you would love to have host one of your venues?
SW: Chuck Norris

A21: Considering you work with WET REPUBLIC, Rehab and Venus, what do you do in the summer to escape it all? 
SW: I’ll let you know when that happens …

A21: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
SW: On the cover of Vegas SEVEN

Trent Walford

Call it hosting, concierge, party planning or whatever comes to mind, but taking care of the VIP coming to Las Vegas, Trent Walford is one person to make sure they are given the ultimate experience. Co-owner of the Thirty-Three Group, Trent provides entertainment to the elite through connections and real estate. Working with multiple casinos and hotels, guests get to stay and party in luxurious penthouse suites while having access to every venue in Las Vegas. Originally from Canada, Trent attended the State of Michigan with a scholarship to play ice hockey. After three years of playing, he put down his hockey stick and relocated to Los Angeles. He took Hollywood by storm where he worked for International Creative Management. He often traveled to Las Vegas to enjoy the leisurely life and finally decided to relocate where he and two other partners created the Thirty-Three Group.

A21: What enticed you to stop playing hockey and give up the life of an athlete?
TW: I was in the minors and I didn’t feel I was going to make it to the NHL. I wanted to move into business and stop traveling.

A21: Why did you move to Los Angeles verses staying in the Midwest and city like Chicago?
TW: I was married so I relocated with my wife who got me into the entertainment business.

A21: International Creative Management is huge talent and literary agency, how did you begin working there?
TW: I started off in the mail room and moved up to assistant, agent assistant then junior agent. It was around that time I wanted to start my own management company.

A21: You came to Vegas a lot before you moved here, what was the one spot you would always go to?
TW: Always went to the Palms. It was when it first opened and we use to gamble so that was always the one spot.

A21: What inspired to the move to the city and opening your own management company?
TW: It started off with a real estate investment and other opportunities kept coming up. We kept growing and now have five employees that help with everything.

A21: So I’m coming to Las Vegas and I called you up, what would could I expect you to do for me?
TW: We do everything. We do nightlife hosting, casino hosting, and everything in between. Basically anything you would need to experience we provide. We work with every type of client, individual, corporate, weddings, those coming to party and those coming to gamble.

A21: What if I was coming for a bachelorette party, what would be difference going through Thirty-Three Group verses a host at a specific nightclub?
TW: You would book your own flight, hotel, call your friend of a friend that knows a host and party at the club. We can book your flight, book your room, which we have a large volume of reservations per week so we can get 30 – 40% off the standard rate. We make your dinner reservations, show reservations, getting into the clubs, pools and anything else you need.

A21: What do you think is most important quality in dealing with clients and keeping them loyal?
TW: We are 100% based off referrals; we have done zero Internet marketing. Not only do we do everything a person needs but it comes with integrity and ethics. We have a variety of capabilities that brings us into a niche market. We do something that has never been done before that is what makes us appealing.

A21: How do you escape from taking care of everyone in the summer?
TW: I don’t unfortunately, but in August or September, I will go back to Canada to my cottage and turn off my cell phone for a week and half.

A21: What are your future plans and goals?
TW: Our database continues to grow and as well as our company. This time next year I hope to have 15 employees and a database large that would make someone want to acquire it. We are going to continue to grow in Las Vegas because of the niche market Vegas brings and we give it the personal touch.

Wayne Crane

If you have a birthday and need to find a great way celebrate it, Wayne Crane takes of care it. It is just one of his specialties as being the Director of Marketing for Surrender Nightclub. I’ve known Wayne for years and he has help me plan two of my Las Vegas birthdays. Working with him during his Light Group years, he was responsible for booking events at various venues. He eventually left to open and market the once Hawaiian Tropic Zone over at Planet Hollywood. He moved over to the Encore when Surrender Nightclub and Encore Beach Club opened. His gentle nature and kind persona keeps his clients loyal informing them weekly of upcoming events.

A21: Where are you originally from?
WC: That’s a tough one, my dad was in the Navy, so I literally have lived ALL over the world.

A21: What brought you to Las Vegas?
WC: I was always fascinated with the glitz and glamour of Vegas, I remember coming here as a tourist and seeing all the beautiful girls and guys with power get right into the nightclubs while I was at the end of the line with my buddies.

A21: What was your first job in Las Vegas?
WC: Ops Manager for Alamo/National Car Rental.

A21: How did find your way to be the Director of Marketing for three major nightlife companies?
WC: Steven Lockwood who at the time was Director of Marketing for Ra Nightclub (where LAX is now) had reached out to me for some rental car hook ups. He got me a part time promoter job, as time went by I got tired of the rental car business and thought I’d make a great promoter. I worked my way up from ground zero to where I am today.

A21: How has your experience been so far working at a five star resort verses the other hotels you have worked for?
WC: It’s been amazing. When you surround yourself with top quality people who are always striving to better themselves and the property, it just makes you that much for focused and determined.

A21: Las Vegas Night Group books a lot of major DJs, do you have a favorite?
WC: That’s a tough one, with over 15 Exclusive DJ’s here at the Wynn, but I would have to say Calvin Harris aka my little brother. We are both from the UK which is why we must get along so well, but Sidney Samson is a close second.

A21: What has been your favorite event that you have created so far?
Probably our DJ Magazine 20 Year Anniversary Party this weekend with Sidney Samson, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Laidback Luke, Yolanda Be Cool and Feed Me, basically our own Musical Festival.

A21: How do you celebrate your own birthday?
WC: I make sure all of my close friends are where ever I am and that everyone has fun. I don’t care about birthday gifts, it’s more about having fun with the ones you love.

A21: You are part of the nightlife scene, how do find yourself escaping from it in the summertime?
WC: There is NO escaping it, I don’t clock in and I don’t clock out. Marketing isn’t a job… it’s a lifestyle.

A21: Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years?
WC: If I’m still in Vegas I would definitely like to be a Managing Partner for some nightclub property, preferably here at Wynn. If I’m not in Vegas, I’ll probably be a DJ agent at one of the major DJ agencies.

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