Breaking the Law

30 Jun

With the holiday weekend right around the corner, Las Vegas Metro has already announced checkpoints to crack down on drinking and driving. Las Vegas is an alcohol driven city. Taking a cab is always an option, but how many times have you found yourself home in the morning with keys in hand not remembering how you got home? I have to admit, I got a D.U.I a few years back in California. I blew a .09, which the legal limit being .08… I was busted. I was fortunate because I didn’t have to go to jail, but I did lose my license for five months and paid a hefty fine. In Las Vegas, not going to jail is not an option. Many of my friends have told me their horrible experiences of spending a night in county. I pray I never find myself in that situation, but it’s the last thing I think about when having a good time. The idea of leaving my car anywhere gives me anxiety and I always forget about designated driving services available. However, sometime in the future, we won’t need a designated driver because my car will be driving me home.

Nevada recently passed a law allowing the Department of Transportation to set rules and regulations for the use of driverless cars including licensing and testing. Google has created the self-driving Toyota Prius that has been tested successfully 140,000 times so far without any accidents. A driver will be required to pay attention in case there is a problem. The driver inputs the destination and the car will calculate the route. The car will never break the speed limit because it will know the speed limits. The car has lasers and video on the roof detecting traffic and Google Maps to get from point to point. It is unknown how long the cars will be available and how much, but you can expect to see some cars in Las Vegas without a driver very soon. It is unclear what the requirements will be regarding drinking and driving, but I’m sure the regulations for that will be quite some time.

Until those cars become available, there are real people that will pick you up and drive your car home. There are two services in Las Vegas for designating driving. Designated Drivers, Inc. has been serving Las Vegas since 1998 with the easy to remember phone number, 456-RIDE (7433). For $60, someone will come and pick you up and drive your car home from your location to destination up to 10 miles. It is $5 for every 10 miles after that. Another company that has recently come to Las Vegas is BeMyDD. They give you two options. You can reserve a personal driver to pick you up and drive you around the whole night for $12.50-$15 an hour (minimum of 3 hours) or have someone come pick you up and drive your car home for $25 plus mileage. The company will tell you the total cost before they come and pick you up. If you think about it, a cab can cost around $40 or more from the Strip to pretty much anywhere, then you may have to pay for them to take you back the next day or hassle a friend. Designated drivers may be the simpler and cheaper solution.

If you were unfortunate and received a D.U.I., there is still hope. A lawyer is highly recommended and one place that I personally recommend is No Citations, available 24/7 at 702-388-1616. When clients are arrested and charged with a DUI, their team of highly skilled and aggressive attorneys screens each case and decides a plan of action specific to each client. Each case is unique so they don’t offer a set fee, but do offer competitive rates and superior representation. Some of their attorneys can get a plea agreement as low as Reckless Driving, but no guarantees, but you should expect to lose your driving privileges for a minimum of 90 days.

The best thing is to simply leave your keys at home. Catch a ride with one of your friends that don’t plan on drinking. No matter what, nothing is worth a record and a night in jail.

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