The Dog Days are Here

3 Jul

Ever wonder what the dogs day were when Florence + The Machine made them so popular? They aren’t lyrics of a song and they definitely aren’t over. In fact, they began yesterday and will stay until August 11. The dogs days are a period of time in the summer where the days are considered the hottest and most sultry making the world instantiate and inactive. The name came from the constellation, Canis Major (the big dog) that holds the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius, the Dog Star. In ancient times, the star was so bright that Romans believed Earth received heat from it. Sirius, in the summer, rises and sets with sun where other ancients believed it increased the Sun’s heat causing the “dog days.” Although that belief has proven untrue, July 3 – August 11 still remain the dog days being the hottest period of the summer. Alas, there are ways to keep cool by staying indoors in an air-conditioned room or dipping in a pool, but here are some ways to stay cool while dealing with the heat.

Sweating is inevitable when it comes to being hot, but it is your body’s way of cooling you down because it keeps it wet. Other ways of cooling down your body is applying an ice cube or running cold water over your wrists for ten seconds each. It cools down your blood circulation keeping your body colder for about an hour. Applying a cold towel or a cucumber slice on your forehead helps as well as a cold towel on your neck. Placing your feet in cold water also helps because heat radiates from your feet along each point of your body listed above.

When you’re getting dressed to head out into the heat, less is more. Keep your feet in flop flops and try to wear cotton verses synthetic fabric. Wear light colors because dark colors will absorb the heat. Wear lotion that has menthol or mint in it because it will keep your skin cooler. One good trick is keeping your lotion or body spray in the refrigerator so it is cold when applied. If you have long hair, pull it up keeping your neck and face exposed to a breeze. I recommend getting Evian misting spray bottles to apply to your face and body in case you are in the heat for some time.

As the temperatures rise, so does your energy bill. There are tricks to keeping your place cool without having to increase your bill. Running your fans will cost you less than running your A/C and help keep the air circulating. Stick a bottle of water in the freezer and once it freezes, place it in front of the fan. As it melts, the water will evaporate keeping the air cooler. A bowl of ice works as well. Keep it dark with “blackout” shades, using lighter colors, and replace your incandescent lights with energy efficient lights. They don’t give off as much heat and will also help you save on your bill. Make sure to check your A/C filters too; they should be changed at least every 3 months if not more.

Last tip to staying cool during these dog days is thinking and drinking cool. Drink plenty of icy water and it will cool down your body and remember mind over matter. If you think cool, you will feel cooler!

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    Make sure to protect your skin by applying sunblock when exposed outdoors.

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