Hitting the Road

7 Jul

This past holiday weekend I decided to go out of town when an opportunity was presented to me. It has been a while since I left Las Vegas for a mini vacation. Two friends and I hopped in a car on Saturday and headed to Sedona, AZ. I had never been there, but it was definitely on my bucket list. Sedona is known for its “energy” providing a sense of relaxation and balance. The city has five energy vortexes, which is highly uncommon. The world itself has only four known places of these vortexes, Sedona, Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge and Peru. An energy vortex is an electromagnet subterranean current that can be positively or negatively charged that has been known to affect a person emotionally, spiritually or psychically.

The drive there took us some time, stopping in Flagstaff for a bite to eat. I have also never been there and I was shocked to see how slow people move there. It was like watching a movie in slow motion. The city was cute with an old town presence. I’m sure there is a lot more to it, but we didn’t really go out and explore. Once we arrived at Sedona, I was immediately impressed. It was so beautiful with greenery and the mountains. There wasn’t a layer of smog in the air so I could see a far as my sight would allow. We arrived at our place of stay and I was blown away. Some other friends and we stayed at a villa at Seven Canyons. It was right on the golf course with the mountains right behind. We were there for only about 15 minutes when we saw a javelin just strolling around looking for food.

The next day we all got up and headed to the mountains in search of the vortexes. We made a quick stop for breakfast at The Coffee Pot, home of the 101 omelets. I got an omelet of course, and it lived up to its expectations. With energy to spare, we headed to Red Rock Crossing at Cathedral Rock, one of the known spots of the vortexes. We headed down the stream with our $1 map and found that it wasn’t very useful. We made our way up the mountain and discovered ancient petroglyphs etched in the mountain. There was a symbol pertaining to the vortex and we thought we were close. We traveled on about a mile and realized once we reached the top, we missed the energetic spot. We eventually think we found it, but decided to try a different location. We hopped in our cars and drove to Airport Mesa. Supposedly having a stronger “pull” the Jasmine trees around the vortex twist to give a sign you are at the right spot. There were a lot of people there just mediating, soaking in the energy. My heart was racing even though I don’t know if it was from the vortex or my small fear of heights. After absorbing the feel good vibes, we had a barbeque and enjoyed the evening.

The last day we shopped around and dined at The Hideaway. I got a psychic reading since I felt like I almost had to. It is the second thing Sedona is known for. I can’t say I was that impressed as she told me things I already knew. I guess it can be insightful to hear things about yourself. We stopped by some art galleries, took a last look at the amazing view and headed back to Vegas. Sedona is only about four hours away and if you are looking for an escape for some inner peace, this is one place you need to check out. It has some great golfing, spas and other forms of retreats worth checking out as well.

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