Getting Dressed for the Occasion

21 Jul

My birthday celebration goes down tomorrow night. Being the procrastinator that I am, I waited until the last minute to find a dress. I must say this was no easy task. Going out in Vegas, much less representing an entire event, I have to look fabulous. As much as I love Bebe, I knew I couldn’t shop there as most girls do, especially in Vegas, and I can’t have the same dress on as someone else. How horrible would that be? I wanted to find something classy with a touch scandal. I had to have something that was trendy, even if I’m not a huge fan of some of them out there right now. Lastly, I had to have color. Black is my go to choice, but for a birthday celebration, I have to stand out and shine. I have to imagine I’m not the only girl that struggles with this. I decided to share my knowledge of current trends and places to shop that are affordable and unique.

Let me start off with the trends that are hot right now. You might have noticed all of the dresses seem to be missing some fabric. The “cut-out” look is dominating the style trends right now. Some have cut-outs on the side, in the front, or in the back. This is one of my favorite styles because I can show off my tattoos. On a tall, fit body these dresses will show every curve without revealing too much. The second trend is the “Grecian Goddess.” The dresses are layered with draped fabric, usually one shoulder, being fitted on top and layered on the bottom with different lengths. I like this style as long as the fabric isn’t too thick. It can look bulky on the bottom if it doesn’t fit perfectly. The fit and flare came back strong this past summer with bold colors and polka dots. I love these as well because I think the style is very “lady-like.” It is a dress you would wear to a formal event like the Del Mar or Kentucky Derby. As we head into fall bold colors and prints are popping up everywhere. Red is rolling in strong and the bohemian, tribal and floral prints are still trendy. I prefer solid colors myself as I think patterns are more for non-curvy girls, but it is just my personal preference. Colors such as red, orange, rich blues and purples always make an impact and of course, the little black dress never goes out of style.

In order to find the perfect dress that twenty other girls won’t be wearing the same night is to look at specialty boutiques and online. I am an avid online shopper, but some prefer to try their dresses on before purchasing. Patty’s Closet is a great place to shop in Vegas because it has three different locations, all with different styles, and it only stocks a small of amount of each to avoid duplicates. If you can manage to shop online, a great site is The site has over 400 dresses at a time with 90% of them being $40 and under. I shop on it all the time because the sizes run correctly and the style looks the same online as when they are delivered. If you have to run to Los Angeles, there are tons of boutiques along Melrose that have multiple options for dresses. If not, you can still shop online at The boutique stocks premium brands such as Sky, Brian Lichtenberg and Sheri Hill. The price point is a lot higher, but you are also buying the brand.

If all else fails, you can get something designed specifically to fit you. A new site has launched called Stitch & Hem. Customers can go on the site and choose from the designer’s items listed on the site. Each item is custom fitted according to your measurements. If you want something modified on the dress, sometimes the designers are willing to do so. Pricing varies from under $100 to over $800 depending on the designer. The site is for men, women and children designing dresses, swimwear, pants, tops and more. I have a feeling I will be ordering from this site soon. I just wish I knew about it beforehand.

As for the dress I am wearing… well, I guess you will have to attend the party to see! You can still RSVP at for tomorrow’s big bash for free entry at Blush Boutique Nightclub.  Open champagne/vodka bar for ladies 11 p.m. to midnight!

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