Fulfilling a Fantasy

4 Aug

Agent 21

When I was a little girl, I use to believe my stuffed animals came alive when I wasn’t around. I would make sure they were positioned a certain way on my bed when I left to see if it would be different when I got back. Other times, I would sneak into my room with the lights off to see if I could catch them talking. Of course I never did. I was a child of fantasy. I believed it all – fairies, aliens, mermaids and anything my imagination would create. I grew out of it eventually, once I realized what the world was really about. I can’t say I lost my imagination though, as that will always be with me.

Fantasy or taboo beliefs still surrounds the world. Many believe in strange happenings and bizarre characters. I came across a show on Animal Planet one night called “Finding Bigfoot”  and I couldn’t change the channel. Four adults truly believe Bigfoot exists and go on excursions where Bigfoot has been spotted, but they have yet to see the mythical creature, but alas the quest continues as does the show. Perhaps one day they will discover the truth and prove the non-believers wrong.

One of the biggest unknown questions that haunt our planet is whether life exists outside of this world. In July 1947, residents of Roswell, New Mexico witnessed a mysterious object crash on a ranch about thirty miles north. The Roswell Army Air Field claimed it to be weather balloon, but the debate continues on what is truth or fiction. Roswell takes full advantage of the unknown event with an Official UFO Festival each year. The 2011 festival that was this past July, was spread out over four days of food, alcohol, contests, music, art, and of course, aliens. Hundreds of people gathered to find, discuss and appreciate life on other planets.

Staying on the topic of outer space, the official Star Trek Con is returning to Las Vegas next week, August 11-14. Over 40,000 fans gather in their favorite Star Trek characters to celebrate the films and television series. The convention is held at The Rio Suites Hotel and tickets prices range depending on what days and events you want to attend. Celebrities from Star Trek are scheduled to appear including William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Sir Patrick Stewart and more. The events included are music performances, live shows, costume contests, seminars and photo ops. The Rio Suites Hotel is offering special rates each night of the convention for fans.

If your beliefs are more down under, the First Annual Mermaid Convention and Awards is coming to Las Vegas at the Mirage Casino and Resort next week as well, August 12-13. You can experience mermaid singers, performers and a mermaid pageant. Infamous mermaids from all over the world are expected to attend. I wouldn’t be surprised if some pirates showed up too. It only costs $20 to check out the convention, but $95 if you want to see the awards. I’m sure this will be an experience where you can say “only in Vegas.”

Imagination and fantasy is an important trait to have. It drives creativity and brings together a crowd of people that might not have anything else in common. Either way, I have a feeling the strange conventions will continue to pop up especially in Vegas. I’ll keep my eyes open and make sure to share anything that comes about.

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