No Rest for the Wicked

8 Aug

Agent 21

I always get asked what it is like to live in Las Vegas. “You must party all the time,” is what I’m usually told. I love that. It would be abnormal for anyone to live, eat and breathe partying. I do have a normal life of chilling at home, working and even sleeping. However, this past weekend I did end up partying to my max. I would love to say I get a break soon, but with other obligations it looks like my party scene schedule is full. So to answer what a typical party weekend is like in Vegas, I decided to share my exciting experiences this weekend.

Our sister company launched a new national magazine, Vegas/Rated, focusing on the Vegas lifestyle this weekend. We didn’t have one party in celebration, we had four. It started off at Tryst Nightclub on Thursday, but with the SpyOnVegas Hot 100 being on Fridays, I skipped the first one. Friday night came and I pulled out my party dress. I stopped by a friend’s house for a pre-party cocktail. Around 11 p.m. we gathered the group and headed down to XS Nightclub for the second night of the Vegas/Rated unveiling party. It only took fifteen minutes before the shots came. The club was packed, so I found myself dancing on the ledges just to find some room. At 1 a.m. the crew and I snuck out and headed over to Surrender to see Duck Sauce spin. Right at the highlight of the performance, two girls in the crew thought the girl standing next to them accidently poured her drink on them. When one of the girls said, “wow that’s a really hot drink,” she realized it wasn’t a drink at all. She looked down to see the drunk girl had thrown up directly onto her beautiful red shoes. The drunk girl had no remorse and walked away. The two girls quickly ran away to wash it off. I have to give them props because if it had been me, I probably would have freaked out on that drunk girl. That pretty much wrapped up the night.

Saturday I woke up suffering from a hangover. I rehydrated and sweated it out at the gym. I stopped by my friend’s new house and laid out by their pool hoping to get a little tan before the night. However, I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the relaxtion long because I had to get ready for some men, as I’d arranged some tickets to see the infamous Chippendales. My friend is getting married in a month and she decided to have her bachelorette party a little early. Surprisingly enough, this was my first bachelorette party ever. It was the bride-to–be’s first time at Chippendales and she loved it. I have seen the show quite a few times, but it never gets old. I really can’t decide what’s better, the hot men or the crazy women that are about to pounce on them. We ran down to Mcfadden’s for a quick shot and headed off to Blush Boutique Nightclub where round three of the Vegas/Rated was going down. I was already three shots to the win by the time I got there, so all I was drinking was water. Eventually, I got back to drinking, hopping between tables and making my rounds. I was enjoying my night until drama ensued with the bridesmaids. Like I said, this was my first bachelorette party and it will hopefully be my last. Too many girls in one group fighting for the attention of the bride is just too much for me. I felt better when I got Jack-in-the-Box on my way home, but regretted it in the morning. Why does fast food seem like such a good idea? I don’t ever eat it, but the chicken sandwich was quite delicious.

I didn’t get much sleep because I had to get up early on Sunday to get ready for the last Vegas/Rated party at Encore Beach Club. Afrojack was spinning so getting there early was essential to avoid the crowds and lines. It was actually a simple day of drinking Skinny Lemonades and getting a tan. However, I can only last so long at the Vegas pools. The heat becomes overbearing and once the pool fills up with party people, it’s my cue to leave.

A weekend long party in Vegas is always fun, but it can take a lot out of you. When my reality alarm went off this morning, I wanted to break it. Unfortunately, I had to get back to the work world and detox from the weekend. It’s going to be short lived because this weekend is not going to be any different. I have birthdays to celebrate on Friday and the infamous Midsummer’s Night Dream is going down at the Palms Pool on Saturday. In fact, my party schedule is full until at least the middle of September. So you want to know what it’s like living in Las Vegas? Here is the wrap-up: work, drink, party, hangover, party, drink, nap, party, work, recover… viva Las Vegas!

One Response to “No Rest for the Wicked”

  1. lawmajor August 9, 2011 at 1:06 am #

    Nice Read. I like your story line, details and close. Miss J.

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