Behind the Mask

11 Aug

Behind the Mask

Ever have a night where when you woke up, you thought “was that real or was it just a dream?” Imagine a dream of Gods and Goddesses, fairies, jesters and an enchanted forest wrapped up in love, sexuality, feminism and loss of identity. That is the basis behind one of William Shakespeare’s most infamous plays, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is unknown when exactly the play was written, but historians approximate it around 1594. Yet over 400 years later the play still lives on right here in Las Vegas at the Palms Casino Resort Pool and Bungalows.

Starting in 2007, the Playboy Mansion created the Midsummer Night’s Dream Party with its first theme being Arabian Nights. Multiple celebrities attended the party and with its success decided to have an encore event at the Palms Playboy Club, the only Playboy Club in the world, two weeks later. It has returned to Las Vegas annually ever since, and the Palms goes all out with entertainers, celebrities, wild animals and wild people. Year after year guests bring out their best costumes, some being originals, hoping to catch the eye of a fair maiden or an immortal God.

This year, Midsummer Night’s Dream Party is back on Saturday, August 13, with theme being An Enchanted Lingerie Masquerade. The buzz around the event has received media attention promising to be one the biggest and best one yet. Last week, the Playboy Mansion had its party with Hugh Hefner owning his single life being surrounded around all the playmates and even Chris Evans (Captain America) showed up in his PJs. I wish I could have seen that!

Alas, I will simply have to settle to see other hot men in their PJs as I will sporting whatever lingerie costume I can whip up in time. Granted, not everyone loves to bare it all so as long as you have at least a mask, you can get in. Tickets are available in advance for $140 but expect tickets to be higher at the door. Ladies can sign up for complimentary admission at The event starts at 9 p.m. with an open bar until 11 p.m. DJ Pauly D is set to spin that night and with Mike, “The Situation” hosting at Chateau Nightclub, I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined Pauly D to scoop out the action. I mean, come on, like either of them would pass up an opportunity to hit on ladies in lingerie. The Palms is featuring other DJs as well along with 50 performers dressed as fairies, water creatures, mimes, magicians and more.

The stories I have heard about this party are legendary and I hope to create a few of my own that night- one of those “did that really happen last night or was it just dream?”

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