Seeing (RED)

29 Aug

Seeing (RED)

I went to Los Angeles this weekend to preview a new product coming on the vodka market for a limited time. Belvedere (RED) launches nationwide on September 1st to help support (RED). (RED) is a nonprofit organization created to help eliminate AIDS. It partners with major brands to develop products where a percentage of the proceeds raised go to (RED). is launching a new competition this fall sponsored by Belvedere (RED), so I was lucky enough to get invited to a pre-launch party of the product. I arrived in Los Angeles Friday evening and checked into the Hotel Roosevelt on Hollywood and Highland, hands down my favorite place to stay in Hollywood and let’s just say the third time was a charm.

The party was being held at “The Box” inside Paul & Andre’s. The Box is a nightclub or theatre in New York City that made a special appearance in Los Angeles for Belvedere (RED). The concept is a high profile “club” that incorporates bizarre and eccentric shows throughout the night between dancing and drinking. A featured DJ is present to keep the crowd up and at ‘em. The Box is opening in Las Vegas in the Palazzo in February and after the night I experienced, I can’t wait.

When we arrived at the party, the red carpet was filled with A-list celebrities. We were pulled through the crowd and guided through a maze into a dark back room set up with a stage and bottle service. The room was small and intimate. Thirty minutes later, I realized I was surrounded by Hollywood elite including celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Marilyn Manson, Jesse Metcalf, Colin Egglesfield, Shia LaBeouf, Chelsea Handler and many more. I don’t get star struck, but I do love Chelsea Handler. When I got my chance to talk to her in my drunken stupor, all I could say was, “I’m obsessed with you and I think you’re amazing.” She simply responded with “thank you.” I’m pretty sure she was feeling the vodka as well.

The first show came on at midnight. The host was dressed in black leather with devil horned hair and black eyeliner. The topless backup dancers grabbed audience members to “seduce” and pour vodka all over. The acts included contortionists, dancing “dolls” and acting performances. It’s really hard to explain exactly what the shows were about, but they were not for the narrow-minded. To give you a hint of what to expect in Vegas, one of the shows included a girl pulling a cell phone out of her… well, let’s just say she didn’t have any pockets. The party went on until 2 a.m. and at the end of it, our cocktail server was the drunkest person in the room. Poor girl… she found her boyfriend making out with someone else in front of her. Burn…You can check out the pictures from the party on Belvedere’s Facebook.

The next day, I joined up with the crew down at the Tropicana Pool at The Roosevelt. It was my first time being at The Roosevelt on a weekend and the first time at the infamous pool party. I took full advantage of the unlimited bottles, mixing up mojitos with Belvedere vodka and sipping on Moet Ice. The pool was packed with party goers and once I got a little buzz on, I made my move on one of the hotties I spotted the moment I walked in. Having to keep my social scene professional in Vegas, I was on vacation so I let my promiscuous Leo side run free and it was worth it. As the crew departed to get a nap in before heading out for the night, I opted for playtime with my new found friend. As much as I could have stayed in my room with him all night, I had things to do and places to go, as did he.

I met back up with my peeps and headed to Playhouse where Lil Jon was spinning. We hung out at the Hennessey Black table where I sat to see a surprise performance by Nayer singing her part in “Give Me Everything” followed up by the Party Rock dance crew taking over the stage. It was so random. Eventually I found myself being led to the stage standing right next to ‘Lil Jon, dancing in front of the crowd. I didn’t get back to my hotel room until after 3 a.m.

Sunday I had to head back to Las Vegas and back to reality. However that doesn’t mean I didn’t get a last chance rendezvous before I checked out. Working up an appetite, I stopped by Mel’s Diner on my way out to meet my best friend from Wisconsin to gush about my weekend. This is only the beginning of my upcoming travel adventures and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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