Agent 21 Spotlight: Lions that Roar

28 Jul

Josh Hall

Leos are the socialites and leaders of the zodiac. The sign is represented by the lion, king of jungle. They love to be center stage, take control of any situation and make sure a job will get done. They are ruled by the sun and a fire sign so you can expect an outgoing personality and shining in the limelight. I am a Leo, hence I know where I get my creativity and controlling traits (sometimes a little too controlling). Leos are extremely loyal, romantic and giving, but if crossed or feel betrayed, the claws will come out. Leos love luxury and spending money but mostly on others. Most Leos are well known. In fact, 80% of celebrities are Leos. Not to say Leos are any better than the rest, we just tend to lead the pack. Las Vegas is a city made for Leos so don’t be surprised when you have to celebrate a lot more birthdays July 23nd – August 22nd. That is the reason why I decided to do my spotlight on some of my fellow Leos that have been a part of Las Vegas for some time and in the industry that makes this city alive.

Josh Hall
Host of American Storm
A21: What made you decide to move to Las Vegas?
JH: I was actually living in middle Tennessee, going to college for Engineering Technology, when I was chosen to be on a reality TV show on Vh1 called “Strip Search” in 2005. I won the TV show, which was basically a competition to become the newest all American male revue in Las Vegas, called “American Storm,” and have worked out here ever since. This Friday, we are celebrating our 6th year anniversary.

A21: How did you get chosen to be part of “Strip Search”?
JH: I was in a bar in my hometown when a young lady asked me if I wanted to try out to be on a national TV show, where the guys compete to be a part of the next “Chippendale” type dance crew. So I tried out as a joke (plus if you auditioned they gave you 3 free drinks) and they actually picked me to be one of the fifteen guys to compete.

A21: Leo’s are natural born leaders; do you consider yourself a leader or more of a follower?
JH: I am a leader for sure. I host the show, and tend to speak my mind even when I shouldn’t (LOL). I have always liked to be in control of situations even since an early age.

A21: What has been your best experience about Las Vegas thus far?
JH: Besides meeting my girlfriend, I would have to say my best experience would have to be getting hired on as a beverage runner at Wet Republic last year. Until then I had been to all of the pool parties in Vegas, but working at one opened my eyes to how much work really goes into these events. We had such a great team to work with. That crew was really like family and to this day that was one of the best summers of my life.

A21: When you go out, what is one spot you must go to?
JH: Honestly my favorite place to go to isnt even a nightclub, its a bar inside Planet Hollywood called “Blondies”.. Its the number one sports bar in the nation, the bartenders are Irish and some of the funniest guys i have ever seen, and they never run out of Jack Daniels 🙂

A21: What would be your ultimate luxurious vacation?
JH: Due to my busy schedule I never really get to travel, which hopefully will change this year. But (dont laugh) my idea of a perfect vacation would be to go on Hot Rods Power Tour. Which is basically a bunch of guys that drive their hot rods and classic cars across part of the United States. Most people don’t know that I build classic cars in my spare time. I just finished a 1956 F100 Pickup that I would love to take on the tour. To any “car guy” the Power Tour beats any beach side resort.

A21: What is your next goal to accomplish while in Las Vegas?
JH: I am really working hard on opening up a shop that restores and builds classic muscle cars. I have two things in the works right now on television shows that are based right here in good ‘ole Las Vegas that want to use my car skills on national TV. If that ball gets rolling then the sky is the limit!

Abbigail Peltier Garcia
Cocktail Server at Tao Nightclub

A21: What brought you to Las Vegas?
AG: I finished college in Ohio in 2006 and I hadn’t found work that suited my interest for 6 months prior to graduation. My girlfriends, however, had ventured out to Vegas and were living it up. A friend offered me a place to stay so I packed my car and drove out west. And here I am!

A21: What is your current profession and the best thing about it?
AG: I am currently a cocktail waitress at TAO Nightclub and I love it! This job allows me to me to connect with people from all over the world. We have the hottest DJs every weekend, and our bottle service presentations are unlike any other club in town. I work with the sweetest and most outgoing staff.

A21: What is one thing your most proud of?
AG: I’m most proud of my amazing marriage.

A21: What is your favorite luxurious treat?
AG: Definitely a spa package. I really like The Hard Rock’s Reliquary Spa, best message I’ve had in Vegas. My husband and I also love to have Vegas hotel stay-cations.

A21: Favorite spot to party at in Las Vegas?
AG: TAO, my work is my favorite party.

A21: Leos tend to be confident, ambitious, loyal, domineering and stubborn. Do you feel you possess these traits?
AG: I know I am very competitive; I don’t like losing or not being appreciated for what I work hard and strive to be best at. I also don’t like being told what to do, but I like constructive criticism. I am very loyal; I love my friends and family and would do anything for them. I have more personality sometimes than I know what to do with. I love to be the life of the party!

A21: What is the one goal you would like to accomplish while you’re in Las Vegas?
AG: Between my marriage, friends made, and work experience I most definitely feel I have accomplished more than I had ever imagined here. I will always love and appreciate all the amazing things this city has given me.

Carrie Owen
Entertainment Manager at MGM Grand

A21: What brought you to Las Vegas and when?
CO: I came to Las Vegas in 1996 as a fresh college graduate in search of a performance gig. I received a performing arts degree in college. I had friends already here in Vegas that I had gone to school with that were performing here and doing well, so I followed in their footsteps. Two weeks after I moved here, I auditioned for EFX at the MGM, received a performance contract and the rest is history!

A21: What do you do for MGM and what is the best thing about it?
CO: As I mentioned above, I danced in the production show EFX for about 7 years. I then left the company in 2002 but returned in 2005 as the Assistant to the Vice President of Entertainment. In the last few years, my position has evolved to an Entertainment Manager position. I tend to call myself a “facilitator” for our entire department, but most of my time is spent coordinating events at our nightlife and daylife venues with regard to guest DJs and celebrity talent. Details range from contracts, talent accommodations, marketing materials, PR efforts and etc.

In addition, I am involved with the marketing and PR efforts for Crazy Horse Paris, one of our resident shows at MGM Grand.The work is a lot different than being on stage which was my passion, but I come across some very interesting people in the industry and I make new relationships with them that I have found are lasting through the years.

A21: Working in the corporate world, do you get time to go out and about? If so what’s your favorite spot to go?
CO: I have to admit that I don’t have a lot of time to get out and about, but when I do get the chance, a couple of my favorite spots are Town Square and Lake Las Vegas. Town Square has a great energy and Lake Las Vegas is such a relaxing get-away from the hustle and bustle of Vegas.

A21: What’s your best way to spoil yourself?
CO: I love going to the spa! A nice massage, facial and pedicure are my favorite treatments. Unfortunately, I don’t get the chance to pamper myself very often, but when I do, it’s fabulous!

A21: If price was not an option, what is the one thing you would buy?
CO: This is a difficult question. It may sound so cliché and corny, but I’m a mom and if price was not a consideration, I would make sure my daughter had the best education that money could possibly buy. Of course, she would have to take advantage of that education in order for the money spent to have been worth it (LOL). Really, I have the utmost confidence in my girl that she will take advantage of her opportunities and transform them into positive and successful results.

A21: Leos tend to be confident, ambitious, loyal, domineering and stubborn. Do you feel you possess these traits?
CO: Yes, however, I do lack confidence at times. I don’t think I show to others that I lack confidence. I’m certainly ambitious, but cognizant of my environment and those around me. I’m certainly loyal and can be stubborn. I really wouldn’t call myself domineering, but I do like to have “control” in my favor.

A21: What is your next goal to accomplish while in Las Vegas?
CO: I want to continue to grow in my career, as well as my personal life. Yes, I’m looking for that special someone (LOL)!

Josu Ibarguen
Director of Interactive Media for N9NE Group

A21: Being from Las Vegas, what do you think is the best thing this city has to offer?
JI: I love the variety it has to offer when you want to get out and have some fun: shows, nightclubs, lounges, concerts, bars, pools, restaurants and even the national parks.

A21: You have been in the nightlife industry for quite some time, how did you break into it and what do you now?
JI: It all started when a friend got me an interview at the end of 2005 with Justin Weniger to work on a pet project they developed called I helped to build it up more for just over four years alongside some really talented people and now I work for N9NE Group as their Director of Interactive Media.

A21: Where is your favorite spot to party at in Las Vegas?
JI: I love partying where my friends are and that changes depending on the night and the occasion. If it’s First Friday, you’d probably find me on the patio of Beauty Bar for the Get Back, and on Wednesdays, probably at Ghostbar for Snitch.

A21: What’s the one way you escape from it all?
JI: When I can’t get out of the city, nothing’s better than some retail therapy. I like to spend time and money in the Fashion Show Mall and in downtown antique stores.

A21: Leo’s are natural born leaders; do you consider yourself a leader or more of a follower?
JI: I lead when I know or should know the way. When I don’t, I look to someone who does.

A21: You studied film at UNLV, is that a field you would like to eventually get involved with?
JI: I’ve always been interested in entertainment and all types of media. From theatre classes in high school to acting school in New York City, studying website development,  to online marketing and film/video. It’s been an ongoing goal of mine to diversify my knowledge and experience in all related fields to one day make a bridge over to the film world.

A21: What is your next goal to accomplish while in Las Vegas?
JI: I want to make an impact with what I work on and who I work with. If I can continue to achieve that, I am sure things will all fall into place.

Jenna Hoeg
Cocktail Server at Tryst Nightclub

A21: What’s the best thing about being from Las Vegas?
JH: I am a “pure born and raised in Vegas” girl. To tell you the truth I never even knew how to get to the strip til I was 19! My favorite thing in Vegas has always been the 24-hour life. When I was younger I was able to get food or go to Wal-mart at any time of the day but now I’m older. I have the nightclubs and after hours clubs (along with the late night food and shopping).

A21: What is your current profession and the best thing about it?
JH: I am currently a cocktail waitress at Tryst/XS nightclub. Being a waitress is probably one of the most fun jobs in Vegas. I get to meet so many different people and party with them all night long and get paid very good money for it!

A21: What is the one thing your most proud of?
JH: The one thing I am most proud of would have to be the position I am in life even though I have a 4 year old daughter and I am about to be 24. I am so happy that I didn’t let myself fall and become just another young mom struggling. My daughter has given me the drive to be the best person I can be!

A21: What has been your most expensive purchase?
JH: This is going to sound very cliché but my most expensive purchase would have to be my second breast augmentation. My first doctor messed me up a little so to fix it was $12,000.

A21: Favorite spot to party at in Las Vegas?
JH: Even though I work for the company, I would definitely have to say XS is by far my favorite place to go when I’m off work. Not only is everything free but they always have the best parties going on!

A21: Leos tend to be confident, ambitious, loyal, domineering and stubborn. Do you feel you possess these traits?
JH: I feel that I am a Leo in every defining word of it. People love to be around me because I have such a “Leo” personality!

A21: What is one goal you would like to accomplish while you’re in Las Vegas?
JH: My main goal is to just have fun and work hard now so I can open up a business later in my life. I have so many ambitions I’m working towards and I’m excited for my future.

Sonja Johansen
Assistant & Project Manager at WENDOH Media

A21: Growing up in Vegas, what you would say your best memory has been thus far about the city?
SJ: I had some great childhood memories here like Wet N’ Wild. Man, what I would give for easy living again, where the Blackhole was my biggest fear and I didn’t have to worry about using my cheat day to devour Dippin’ Dots.

A21: What is your current position and the best thing about it?
SJ: I have a passion for people. I love creating interpersonal connections with everyone I meet. I enjoy making people smile, so as an Assistant & Project Manager at WENDOH Media I get the opportunity to do that every day.

A21: What is most thing you are proud of?
SJ: My family. They are truly my best friends and the most amazing group of humans you will ever meet.

A21: What’s the best way for you to spoil yourself?
SJ: To travel! Taking weekenders help refuel the soul-especially when I have good company in town. Oh… and slurpees.

A21: Favorite spot to party at in Las Vegas?
SJ: Give me some wine, a nice patio, good company and great conversation and to me, that’s the best party in town.

A21: Leos tend to be confident, ambitious, loyal, domineering and stubborn. Do you feel you possess these traits?
SJ: Oh, for sure. I could defend some more than others but I wouldn’t be a Leo if I couldn’t right?

A21: What is one thing you would like to accomplish while living in Las Vegas?
SJ: Actually making it to Drai’s… just kidding. But really, I don’t see myself staying in Las Vegas forever. So to be able to enjoy it, create lasting memories, connect with good people all while continuing to learn and grow is definitely a Vegas accomplishment that I’m continually working on and am really proud of.

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