It’s Getting Hot…

17 Jan
This week marks the launch of the 2011 Sexiest Server contest, which means winter is about to get hot! The next six weeks will be filled with featured events and the places will be filled with sexy ladies and men. Let’s not kid ourselves; Las Vegas holds some of the hottest people in the world and they usually attract each other to the same location nightly. With that being said, it can take work to look your best and this city is worse than Hollywood with being seen. Looking good builds confidence and when you get older you could look back at all your pics and say, “damn, I looked good.” Thank goodness Las Vegas has every beauty option allowed to make anyone look great.
Being trendy and staying on top of the times is one way to stand out and make sure you look your best from head to toe.  Bold hair colors are in for 2011, but if you are planning on going blond, red, or even black, make sure you keep your roots touched-up.  For the blonds, a neat trick to make your roots less noticeable is by applying baby powder on your roots.  When you manage to find the time to do your hair, ARCS at Mandalay Place seems to be the number one spot for Las Vegas locals.  Expect to see some of the biggest names in the Vegas industry sitting next to you.  If ARCS is out of your budget, you should check out the Paul Mitchell School over on Eastern and Serene.   You can get a dye job or cut for under $50, but just remember a student will be doing it.  They do have teachers that watch and supervise each job.  I’ve been there and I was very happy with my results, but it’s not for everyone. 
Speaking of hair, there are the little ones that need to be taken care of well. Threading has become very popular for eyebrows and face, and places like Eyebrows ‘R Us caters to the locals with long hours and multiple locations. I used to wax my eyebrows but switched to threading after my friend convinced me to try it. It is a little painful but you won’t have to worry about burnt skin. I see just as many men there as I do women. In the winter time, some probably slack on “under areas” but I think it is important to stay “clean” all year round. For the people that choose to wax, one of my favorite places is Zen Skin on Fort Apache and Hacienda. It is a small intimate spa that offers waxing, facials, massages, and more. I personally like it because the owner. She offers great specials to loyal customers and you feel like you’re going to see your friend more than the pain you experience. Another spot that a few have told me about is the Pretty Kitty that specializes only in waxing. They have two convenient locations, one in Summerlin and other Henderson.
Tanning is another necessity in this city whether you spray tan or fake bake. Tanning salons are a dime a dozen and I have tried quite a few. I’ve gone to Neon Sun, Rio Tan, Tan Factory, Studio Tan and Straight Up Tanning. I switch it up because I hate contracts and I’m always looking for the best deal. My favorite right now is Studio Tan on W Tropicana only because it is close to my house and their beds are only 7-9 min. Time is worth more to me than money… sometimes.
Now you’ve gotten primed, hopefully showered, applied your makeup, and now you need something to wear. If you don’t know how you should dress for the city you can check out my past blog, Vegas Tip #1: Dressing for “Nighttime Sexcess.” If you know what to wear you want to make sure you are the only one wearing it. It’s annoying to go out and see the same outfit on four other people. Shopping at main stream stores may be the reason for duplication so I recommend for the ladies checking out some boutiques. Patty’s Closet has multiple locations in Las Vegas but different inventory at every one. On top of that they only buy two of each size so you don’t have to worry about seeing the same thing when you’re out. An option for the gentlemen is the newly opened store, Stitched at The Cosmopolitan. The store makes custom made suits tailored to you so not only is it the perfect fit, but your perfect style.
I am only one person, but I love finding new places. I am curious to know where you go to shop and become beautified. Feel free to comment on my blog and share your favorite spots to help you look sexy or you can leave comments on my Facebook fan page at I hope to see all you sexy Vegas peeps this Tuesday at Blush.

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